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Cockroaches And Kitchens

September 24, 2015

What do you do in your kitchen? For some, a kitchen is a place where family moments happen. It is where your daughter learns to bake her first cake and your son discovers the joy of cooking marshmallows on the stove. You may use it to make the lasagna that everyone gets a second helping of at those family get togethers, or--as an excuse to draw your kids out of their bedrooms. When they're doing dishes, conversation can happen. When they're sweeping the floor, they are reconnecting to what it means to "work" as a family. Kitchens are where a lot of family time takes place. The hurried rush of breakfast or the quiet dinner at the end of the day are the times when everyone in the family is forced to be in the same room. Kitchens are for congregating. So, it makes sense that those congregating cockroaches would want to join in. Right? Actually, not so much. If you see a cockroach scurry across the floor or up the wall in the daytime or when people are around, something is wrong. Though it is true that cockroaches love to congregate, it doesn't resemble the way we congregate--not in any way shape or form. These are insects that love dark, damp, grimy places where their backs and their bellies can touch a hard surface. The more confined the space and the more cockroaches sharing that space, the more they like it. Cockroaches have a hard shell, and the hard shell of another cockroach feels nice on their bellies. Four people squeezing around in a kitchen in Richmond isn't confined enough for a cockroach. In fact, all that open space is a little scary. It is only cockroaches with certain personality types that dare to venture out into those open spaces. If you've seen a cockroach, you probably saw this adventurer. But even the adventurer is not generally bold enough to go out into the daylight or into a room full of people. They prefer to skitter around in the dark. If you've seen one of these, it is most likely because the population of cockroaches in your home has grown greater than the available food sources, and they're getting desperate. When you start to see desperate foraging cockroaches, you may have hundreds of these dirty insects in your home in VA Beach. Don't be deceived into believing that you only have one or two because that is all you've seen. This leads people to put down a few roach traps and consider the problem solved. With cockroaches being connected to dozens of health issues, this is not safe. If you've seen cockroaches in your kitchen in Arlington the best way to get rid of them and keep them gone is by calling a cockroach control expert like the professionals here at Mitchell Pest Services. These are resilient creatures that can scale walls and climb across ceilings, and they can come into homes as eggs on the bottoms of your shoes. Excluding cockroaches requires a thorough knowledge of these pests. We'll help you get rid of cockroaches so you can enjoy your kitchen for whatever you use it for. Read on for what to expect from your pest control service.