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Side Effects Of Summer In Virginia Beach

August 25, 2015

Summer in Virginia Beach is sand between your toes, walks on the boardwalk, watching surfers compete, great times with family and friends and lots of sun. Sounds awesome, right? Unfortunately there are some side effects of summer that aren't enjoyable. Sunburn for one. That painful sting that hurts to touch and keeps you awake all night. Yeah, that’s definitely a side effect of summer. Oh, and how about that horrid humidity. Once the air is saturated beyond 60%, phew, is it hot and sticky. Some days are just unbearable - Yup, another side effect. Then there are the destructive storms like hurricanes and tornadoes that inevitable appear on warm summer days to wreak havoc. You guessed it, side effect! Last but not least are those pesky insects like mosquitoes that sting or bite and itch and carry disease. Sure thing, side effect! Well, there is absolutely nothing we can do about the weather (although I wish we could!) but sunburns can be avoided by the use of sunscreen and clothing. And mosquitoes – they can’t be completely eliminated, but there are things we can do to control their numbers and avoid their wrath. Things you can do to avoid mosquito bites and the diseases they carry are:

  • Take care of any standing water in and around your yard.
  • Stay inside during dawn and dusk hours when mosquitoes are most active
  • Be sure to stay covered if going outside is unavoidable.
  • Don’t wear perfume or use flowery hygiene products - they attract mosquitoes!
  • Use an insect repellent containing at least 20% DEET
  • Make sure dogs are protected from heart worm
The most effective way to control the mosquito population, though, is to hire a pest control company like Mitchell Pest to help. Our highly trained mosquito control professionals will inspect your property in Arlington, Richmond, or Virginia Beach to identify which types of mosquitoes have taken up residence and where they are breeding and living. Once we determine that, we will apply the most effective mosquito treatments to eliminate them. Whether you need us for a one-time treatment or want mosquito protection every month, every quarter or all year long, we are here to help. To avoid the summer side effect of mosquitoes, their itch, and the diseases they carry call today to experience the Mitchell difference in Richmond and other areas in Virginia! Keep reading to learn about how termites love water damaged wood.