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The Mouse Invasion

September 18, 2015

Are you aware of the coming mouse invasion? No, you didn't miss anything. There was no news story and no recent event that is going to cause mice to start invading homes. This isn't something new that is about to happen. It happens every single year. When temperatures drop, mice are motivated to get in out of the cold. Have you experienced this? Hopefully, you've stumbled onto this article just in time. Why do we say, "just in time"? Because it is a whole lot easier to keep mice out of your home than it is to remove them, especially if you are looking to do it the hard way, which is on your own. Here are the two most common issues that arise with DIY mouse removal in Richmond and other areas.

  1. A homeowner buys traps and catches several mice, but the problem never really goes away. They continue to find new, fresh droppings in the backs of drawers and in corners of the house, basement and garage.
  2. A homeowner uses poisoned bait and ends up with dead mice inside their walls.
If you already have mice inside your home, get a professional involved. Effective mouse removal in Virginia Beach requires a thorough inspection and a proper implementation of control and monitoring measures. If you have not seen signs of mice inside your home: droppings, urine stains, and chewed holes, here are some control measures you can take to seal these pests out before the fall invasion.
  • Inspect your exterior basement walls closely and use a caulking gun or hardware cloth to cover and seal entry points. Take particular notice around electrical wires and pipes that pass through your basement wall and exhaust outlets.
  • When looking for holes, remember that a mouse can get through a hole the size of a penny. If it can fit its nose in, it can squeeze through. If it can't it may decide to chew the hole large enough so that it can fit through.
  • Look for bad seals on door sweeps, especially the garage door. You may also notice chew holes near the corners of door frames where determined mice have gnawed their way in.
  • Put wire mesh in downspouts and cut tree branches back from your roof to keep mice from climbing up and gaining access to your roofline.
Mice are motivated to get inside homes when the temperatures drop. Make sure they can't get in yours. These are pests that spread illness, spread parasites, get into food and present a fire hazard as they chew on wires in your walls. If you need help with an infestation or assistance sealing up entry points before winter, give us a call and let one of our certified technicians give you a hand. When you work with Mitchell Pest Services, you know your home in Arlington is safe. Keep reading to learn about cockroaches and kitchens.