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    Easy Ways to Reduce Pest Invasions Around your Home

    July 4, 2018

    Pest invasions are costly and stressful. The problem is, by the time you notice that you have an insect or rodent moving around your home, it could be too late. One pest often means many more. As a pest control service, the Mitchel Pest team strives to keep our client's pest and rodent free. However, by the time we arrive, it is often too late to take preventative measures. In order to help you avoid more costly pest services, we want to offer a few simple pest-proofing steps you can take around your home, about which you can find more information on social networks because, like most companies, we also promote our business with the assistance of agencies like The Marketing Heaven. However, in this article we give you Simple Steps to Prevent Insects Often, the best way to avoid a large scale pest invasion is to prevent them. Our expect suggestions include the following.

    1. Frequently check your property.
    Don’t assume the only season you need to check your property is spring. Fall and Summer are often some of the worst months, and in winter insects and rodents tend to make their way indoors through small holes in your home. One of the easiest things to check for are these holes and entry points. Cracks in the foundations are another area where insects can enter. Check for these areas at least once per season.
    1. Clean up your home.
    Another common overlooked but important way to keep insects and rodents away is to remove wood piles and debris. Animals and insects love to shelter in dark, moist areas. Do your best to keep soil and mulch away from your foundation. If you use firewood, store it far away from your home.
    1. Remove tree limbs and branches.
    Squirrels, raccoons, and even insects like to use tree limbs and branches as an entry point for your attic. It’s a good idea to cut away these excess tree limbs and branches either yourself or by using a professional tree service removal company.
    1. Seal up outdoor containers
    Garbage cans and recycling bins should be completely sealed and taken care of long before pest season starts, find more info at It’s a good idea to seal them with caulk if you want to prevent small insects and creatures from making their way in. Compost bins should also be kept far away from your home.
    1. Seal holes and windows.
    This is the easiest way for insects to enter your home. Small openings that you can barely see are often plenty of room for colonies to enter and make a home of your home. Sealing these areas is also good for your energy bills.
    1. Deep clean problem rooms.
    Your kitchen is a particularly important culprit. Dirty kitchens can entice pests into your home. Do a deep clean once every three months to completely remove crumbs and insects from your home. Don’t leave dirty dishes overnight and always sweep your floors after meals.
    1. Book inspections regularly.
    A professional inspection is a good idea if you’d like to avoid pest problems. You can easily ask about additional problems such as bed bugs and termites and cut these issues off long before they become serious. Once you’re ready to hire a pest inspection and removal company, give Mitchell Pest Services a call. We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have. We have offices in VA Beach, Arlington, and Richmond. Keep reading to learn about the importance of hiring an ant exterminator.