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    Surge in Mosquitoes in VA Beach – How to Prevent The Side Effects of Summer

    August 25, 2015

    Summer in Virginia Beach is sand between your toes, walks on the boardwalk, watching surfers compete, great times with family and friends and lots of sun. Sounds awesome, right? Unfortunately, there are some side effects of summer that aren't enjoyable. Sunburn for one. That painful sting that hurts to touch and keeps you awake all night. Yeah, that’s definitely a side effect of summer. Oh, and how about that horrid humidity. Once the air is saturated beyond 60%, phew, is it hot and sticky. Some days are just unbearable - Yup, another side effect. Then there are the destructive storms like hurricanes and tornadoes that inevitably appear on warm summer days to wreak havoc. You guessed it, side effect! Last but not least are those pesky insects like mosquitoes that sting or bite and itch and carry disease. Sure thing, side effect! In fact, this year there has been an unprecedented number of mosquitos in VA Beach. According to researchers, this is leading to more bug-borne illnesses spreading as well. Well, there is absolutely nothing we can do about the weather (although I wish we could!). And mosquitoes – they can’t be eliminated, but there are things we can do to control their numbers and avoid their wrath.

    Mosquito Prevention Tips for VA Beach

    If you want to avoid the more serious issues that come with a surge in mosquitoes, there are a few simple things you can do around your home to avoid them. Check here Mosquito prevention in and around your home starts with these simple tips.

    Remove Standing Water to prevent mosquito breeding

    Mosquitoes lay their eggs in standing water. If your yard has standing water, it could become a breeding ground for these infectious pests.

    Avoid peak mosquito hours

    If you want to avoid serious illnesses from mosquitoes, then one thing you can do is to stay inside during dawn and dusk. During these times mosquitoes are most active. This leads to more bites and increases your likelihood of contracting a deadly illness. If you do go outside during these hours, be sure to stay covered as much as possible.

    Don’t wear perfume!

    Mosquitoes love sweet smelling fragrances. Ditch the perfume for bug spray to avoid nasty bites.

    Clean out the gutters

    Another area where mosquitoes can congregate and multiple is in your gutters. When backed up by leaves and other obstructions, gutters can hold stagnant water. To avoid this situation, clean out your gutters regularly. Mosquito control often comes down to what we don’t do as much as what we do, so stay up-to-date with your gutter cleaning and landscaping to reduce your run-ins with mosquitoes. Aside from these personal mosquito prevention tips, there is another way to achieve total mosquito control. That hughes method is through professional mosquito control services.

    Mosquito Control in VA Beach

    The most effective way to control the mosquito population, though, is to hire a pest control company like Mitchell Pest to help. Our highly trained mosquito control professionals will inspect your property in Arlington, Richmond, or Virginia Beach to identify which types of mosquitoes have taken up residence and where they are breeding and living. Once we determine that, we will apply the most effective mosquito treatments to eliminate them. Whether you need us for a one-time treatment or want mosquito protection every month, every quarter or all year long, we are here to help. We offer a free estimate for your mosquito control treatments as well. To avoid the summer side effect of mosquitoes, their itch, and the diseases they carry call today to experience the Mitchell difference in Richmond and other areas in Virginia! Keep reading to learn about how termites love water damaged wood.