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What Do Mice Look Like?

The common house mouse has grayish brown fur with a lighter tan colored belly. Adults can grow to be 5 ½ to 7 inches in length including the tail. They have small dark eyes and large ears; both their ears and tails are covered in a thin layer of velvety fur.


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  • The house mouse is considered to be a commensal rodent, this means that they at least partially depend on humans for food, shelter, and water.
  • The house mouse often enter into homes in the late fall while searching for a warm safe place to overwinter in.
  • Mice can squeeze their body through spaces the diameter of a dime.
  • Once inside of a home a mouse will nest in spaces behind walls, in attics, basements, in furniture, and behind large appliances.
  • House mice reproduce very quickly; females can produce at least six young every three weeks.
  • Mice will leave a trail of urine and feces as they travel throughout your home; they carry and transmit a variety of dangerous diseases including Salmonellosis, Leptospirosis, dysentery, and Lymphocytic choriomeningitis.
  • Mice may introduce fleas, ticks and other parasites.


The most common sign of mice is finding their droppings on the floor, in drawers, in appliances, and in cabinets. T heir feces are about the size of a grain of rice- they are black in color, and are rod shaped with pointed ends. Other signs of mice in your house are finding chew or gnaw marks on things like boxes, food containers, furniture, clothing and rugs. You may also notice a musty smell in your home and may hear them scurrying behind your home’s walls or above the ceilings at night.


When it comes to mouse control, the Virginia Beach pest control pros at Mitchell Pest Services have a couple of options. Year round home pest control services: Protect your home and your family from mice and other common household pest problems with our quarterly pest control services.  Designed to take care of pests on the outside of your home, this exterior prevention stops mice in their tracks.  Click here to learn more about this service. Commercial pest control services: We know mice aren't just a problem for homes.  That's why we offer commercial pest management programs that target mice, other rodents and pests that often infiltrate establishments including restaurants, hotels, and other commercial environments. Click here to learn more about this service.


There are many things you can do in and around your home to help prevent house mice from entering your home.
  • Trim back trees and bushes away from the outside of your home.
  • Place woodpiles and outdoor garbage cans away from the exterior of the house.
  • Inspect your home’s foundation and seal any cracks and crevices, no matter how small.
  • Secure vent covers and install a tight fitting cap on the chimney.
  • Install door sweeps on exterior doors.
  • Keep clutter to a minimum on the inside of your home and especially in attics, garages and other storage areas.
  • Store food in sealed containers or in the refrigerator.
  • Clean up crumbs and spills quickly cleaned and pick up uneaten pet food.