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    Mitchell's Blog

    Here at Mitchell Pest Services, we don't just treat for insects, rodents and wildlife, we blog about them too! Catch up on our latest blog posts or search through older posts to learn more about the pests that call Virginia (and possibly your home) their home.  

    Termites: The $5,000,000,000 Problem

    Termites: The $5,000,000,000 Problem

    September 11, 2015

    One of the biggest dangers to you and your home could be living right under your own roof. That's right, termites cost American home and business owners over $5 billion annually and have even caused entire buildings to collapse. Did you know that most insurance companies in Richmond and other…

    Wood Destroying Insects In Virginia Beach

    Wood Destroying Insects In Virginia Beach

    June 12, 2015

    Nobody wants their home remodeled without their permission, but that is exactly what will happen if wood destroying insects decide to invade your Virginia Beach home. The two most common species of wood destroying insects that invade homes and do their own version of remodeling are the termite and carpenter…

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