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Termite Damage Repairs For Homes In Virginia

Termite Damage Repairs

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    The Termite Damage Problem

    THE URGE TO repair damage caused by termites can be as strong as the urge to get rid of the pests themselves. The best first step is to step back, giving pest control professionals the opportunity to ensure that the infestation has been fully eliminated and that the structure is protected from future infestations. These crucial early steps will prevent the need for more, costly repairs down the line.



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    The Source of Termite Damage

    SIGNS OF TERMITE damage can appear similar to water damage: buckling wood, swollen floors and ceilings, areas that seem to exhibit signs of slight water damage and mazes within walls or furniture. In areas infested with termites, there often is a scent similar to mildew or mold.

    The Solution to Termite Damage

    AFTER ENSURING THAT your structure is free of termites and risks of future infestation, existing damage should be repaired. Contacting local vendors for estimates may be a good idea before repairing termite damage. Mitchell Pest Services should be at the top of your list.

    The Mitchell Difference

    FOR EVERY PEST problem, Mitchell Pest Services has a solution. Our pest control technicians also are skilled tradesmen. These qualifications allow us to offer the some of the most complete pest control and repair services in the Tidewater area. This capability allows us to both solve your termite problem with our cutting edge technologies and repair damage quickly, thoroughly and to your complete satisfaction.

    Our services are tailored to address each customer’s needs, and are available as a one-time visit or as part of monthly, quarterly, or annually service programs. We also have a 24 hour service available.

    For every pest problem, Mitchell Pest Services has a solution. We provide inspections, free cost estimates, and same-day service for your convenience. Contact Mitchell Pest Services, your Tidewater pest control experts, at (844) 234-7378