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Thermal Bed Bug Exterminator Inspections

Thermal Bed Bug Exterminator Inspections

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    Thermal Bed Bug Company in VA Beach

    At Mitchell Pest, we know how bed bug and termites can destroy your property. They are nothing to overlook. Our job is to offer comprehensive solutions with fast results that you can rely on. As such, we offer extensive solutions to remedy your pest problems, including bed bug pests.

    We are considered one of the top thermal bed bug companies in VA Beach offering exceptional solutions without damaging the property we’re treating.

    We also pride ourselves on offering high-quality, results-driven eco-friendly services. Specializing in solutions that are residue-free, our thermal bed bug services get rid of your bed bug problem quickly.

    Thermal bed bug solutions are designed to cook out bed bugs right where they are. By their very nature, however, bed bugs are difficult to kill. They hide in every crevice and crack in your property. This makes them very difficult to fumigate. Our heat treatment solution fights back where bed bugs are.

    Bed bugs cannot live at temperatures exceeding 113 degrees. Our thermal solution exceeds 130 degrees which makes it a sure bet for killing off bed bugs where they are. The best part is that this treatment doesn’t require follow up treatments or much preparation on your part. Simply hire us to come to your home and use our state-of-the-art heat equipment to safely increase the temperature in your home. We also use ventilation techniques to ensure that your property is completely safe no matter if you use gas heat or electric heating. This treatment solution quickly rids your home of bed bugs to get the results you want.

    Bed Bug Inspections in VA Beach

    Are you in need of bed bug inspections in VA Beach? If so, then we want to help. The Mitchell Pest team specializes in using the very best pest inspection techniques available. The standards for our inspections are impossible to beat. Here is how our inspections work.

    Step 1. We set up an interview with you and our professional team member. Our professional will sit with you and analyze your pest control and infestation questions and issues. By starting with an interview, we can quickly access where you stand.

    Step 2. Next, we ask you to show us where you’re having issues. Simply guide us to where you’ve noticed signs of pests like bed bugs. This should happen before your home pest inspection starts.

    Step 3. Finally, we begin your pest inspection. Our professional inspectors will examine the inside and outside of your property and look for access points where pests thrive.

    Step 4. After the full inspection, we’ll tell you what we found. If a home pest infestation has been discovered, we’ll go over the proper strategy for avoiding the problem. We’ll discuss recommended courses to properly treat and pest-proof your property.

    If you’re serious about getting the best bed bug inspections in VA Beach, then you should consider hiring a team of experts who know the common hot spots for bed bugs. Leaving no location inside or outside of your home unexamined, we make sure that your property is set up for success and pest-proof living.

    Bed Bug Treatments in VA Beach

    Not sure which bed bug treatments in VA Beach you need? If your inspection revealed a bed bug infestation, your first instinct is probably to wonder how much it will cost you to get rid of the problem. Fortunately, our team offers bed bug solutions that are fast, effective, and affordable.

    We offer insecticide treatments that are provided by licensed and bonded professionals who know how to control bed bugs. There are multiple types of insecticides to use. We always choose insecticides that work best for your property. We are passionate about making sure your property is both bed bug and chemical free, which is why we offer non-toxic solutions where possible.

    Our treatments are fast-acting and highly effective. They get into every crack and crevice to ensure no area is left untouched by our treatment. This ensures that bed bugs don’t return. Our goal is to use only the amount necessary to get rid of bed bugs for good.

    Aside from our insecticide treatments, we also offer an innovative thermal bed bug treatment. This treatment involves heating up the temperature of your home high enough to kill bed bugs. This is typically the 130-degree threshold. Throughout the treatment, we heat the air temperature using remote thermometers and controls to adjust the temperature to the right levels. Our treatments usually last at least six hours.

    Of course, we’re cognizant that heat can damage your property and belongings. That’s why we use proper techniques to ventilate your home to balance the air enough to reduce any complications. We also recommend removing any items from your property that could potentially melt or be damaged by the heat.

    The best part of our thermal bed bug treatments in VA Beach is that they don’t leave behind any toxic chemicals. They also prevent re-infestation in the future. Contact our team today to find out if this treatment is right for your property.

    Bed Bug Elimination in VA Beach

    At Mitchell Pest, we are experts in bed bug elimination in VA Beach. Before you use our services, we simply ask that you contact us for an inspection. Our team will get back with you with a full list of instructions for how to properly prepare for our treatment options in the best possible way. It is important that you follow these instructions carefully to avoid any damage to your property or home. If you fail to prepare according to these instructions, you could end up with lack-luster results. You might also find that your bed bugs return, which we most certainly do not want.

    Additionally, if you are contemplating doing your own bed bug elimination, think first. DIY bed bug elimination rarely works. Bed bugs are notoriously difficult to rid your home of. That’s because they know how to hide from the outside world and infest all the small corners and crevices of your property.

    If you are serious about ridding your property of bed bugs, we are the right team to contact. We save you time and money by controlling bed bugs at the source. We know what insecticides and treatment options work.

    For more information about our bed bug treatments, inspections, and elimination services in VA Beach please contact us today.

    Do you need a pest control company in Richmond VA? Mitchell Pest has several locations around the state of Virginia.