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The Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art is a great place to visit if you’re looking for contemporary art collections. The Virginia Museum features a variety of exhibits, collections, and events to explore and enjoy during your visit. Here’s what you can expect when visiting this museum in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

About the Museum

The Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art features a variety of changing exhibitions that include photography, glass, video, sculpture, painting and countless other visual media. The collections are the products of world-famous critically acclaimed artists and regionally renowned artists. The Museum plays hose to gallery exhibitions, art classes, and education outreach programs alongside outdoor art shows. The goal of the museum is to create a diverse and regional public art show that is active and well versed in contemporary visual art.

The Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art received accreditation from American Alliance of Museums in 2010, making it a must-visit for museum lovers worldwide. It is an excellent example of a private-public partnership making a difference in the world of art.

The building itself is owned by the city of Virginia Beach, and the museum is operated and run by a private, non-profit organization. It previously had a small oceanfront location for multiple years but in the late 1980’s a group of supporters decided to build a new space for the museum. By the end of the decade, the museum was built. It was opened in 1989 at its current location.

Architect E. Verner Johnson and Associates of Boston designed the building. The space spans some 38,500 square feet and has over 6,300 square feet of exhibition space.

Their Mission

As a non-profit institution, the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art is designed to bring awareness and encourage exploration of the arts and our modern era of that art. By encouraging diversity through their educational programming, the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art facilitates critical thinking and encourages an open dialogue about art.

What to Expect from The Museum

When you visit the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art, you can expect a gorgeous display of contemporary art. The museum promotes contemporary artists in an effort to bring attention to the community as well as the world of contemporary art. Group tours, classes, lectures, community outreach, and films are promoted to encourage teacher-based programming around contemporary art.

The exhibition spaces offered through the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art create interactive connections between art and the guests who visit. In fact, the museum strongly encourages hands-on activity with the exhibitions themselves. ,

Their definition of contemporary art is any art that reflects the culture we live in. The vast majority of the artwork in their collection is done by living artists. Artists who were radical in their day or ones who find new approaches to their art are welcomed into the museum.

One of their most popular galleries is the Fleming Gallery which highlights work by 1,000 regional artists and art students. They partner with local arts organizations to find the students who will be featured in the gallery.

Take a trip to the museum either for the galleries or to take a class, and see contemporary art as its meant to be experienced.

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