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Wildlife Control Services in Virginia

Wildlife Control

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The Problem of Unwanted Wildlife

UNWANTED WILDLIFE IN and around your property presents three challenges: removing the animals humanely, keeping them away and cleaning up after them. Inside your home or building, animals such as bats, birds, chipmunks, feral cats, raccoons, squirrels and other rodents often tear up attic insulation, gnaw through drywall and walls, and they leave behind feces that can expose homeowners to roundworm, Histoplasmosis, parasites and bacteria.

Outside, common pests encountered include beavers, coyotes, deer, groundhogs, muskrats, opossums and skunks. These creatures can destroy flower beds and vegetable gardens, overturn trash containers, and possibly even threaten the safety of pets, and, if cornered, family members and employees.



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The Source of Unwanted Wildlife

ANIMALS LARGE AND small invade your space in search of shelter or food and water. They often gain access to homes and buildings through rotted woodwork, unsecured attic fan covers or chimneys or other openings. External invaders take the most direct route to food sources, from tomato plants to compost piles and trash containers to the porch-side bird feeder.

The Solution for Wildlife Control

MITCHELL PEST SERVICES’s experienced and reliable wildlife control technicians humanely remove the animal, often using catch-and-release traps and techniques. Our technicians then thoroughly clean contaminated areas, repair damage and install habitat modifications to prevent invaders from returning.

The Mitchell Difference

FOR EVERY PEST problem, Mitchell Pest Services has a solution. We are committed to providing courteous, professional service while using effective, environment-friendly products and techniques to eliminate wildlife pest problems. Our odor elimination procedures wipe out lingering evidence of feces, urine and carrion, and our technicians are skilled at an array of construction needs, including repairing and replacing damaged boards, installing gable/louvered vents, and repairing or replacing soffits, chimney caps, attic fan and vent covers, and bathroom and dryer vents.

Our services are tailored to address each customer’s needs, and are available as a one-time visit or as part of monthly, quarterly, or annually service programs. We also have a 24 hour service available.

For every pest problem, Mitchell Pest Services has a solution. We provide all-inclusive cost estimates, and same-day service for your convenience. Contact Mitchell Pest Services, your Tidewater pest control experts, at (844) 234-7378.

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