Are You Inviting Termites Into Your Home? Water Damaged Wood Could Be a Giant Termite Invitation


Are You Inviting Termites Into Your Home? Water Damaged Wood Could Be a Giant Termite Invitation

While renting is sometimes the more practical approach, there is just something special about being able to call the place you live your very own. There are so many things one can do when they own their home…remodel, add on a room, investing in the upkeep and improvements of your dream home. But the most important thing you can do if you own a home is preserve its value by monitoring its structure. This is much more important than any decorating or remodeling you want to do. Unfortunately, homes in Virginia are susceptible to insect damage, particularly damage caused by termites. Termites are attracted to wood, especially wet or moist wood. If you want to learn how to prevent a termite infestation, you first must understand how water damage plays a role.

Do Termites Like Moisture?

Yes, termites are attracted to wood that is damaged by moisture. Water-damaged wood is a like a buffet to these pesky and dangerous creatures. Termites are one of the homeowner’s greatest enemies. They are often referred to as Silent Destroyers. You may think this risk will not affect you because you purchased your home not long ago and it was certified to be free of termites. However, the structure of your home in VA Beach may still be compromised because termites do their damage from the inside out and go undetected until the damage is extensive. Many homeowners in Richmond fail to recognize all the water and moisture problems that exist in their house. Your home doesn’t have to be subjected to flooding or have standing water damage. In fact, you may be causing water damage to your home every time you take a shower or use the toilet. No, you can’t stop using your toilet or shower, of course. But what you can do is inspections.

How to Prevent Excess Moisture in your Bathroom

One way to prevent moisture in your bathroom is to periodically check the caulking around your shower stall and tub. Cracked or missing caulking can cause your wooden structure to be exposed to water leading to wet, decaying wood. This, in turn, can lead to an infestation since termites are attracted to wood. If you want to know how to prevent termites, it often begins with eliminating moisture damage. Another common, slow water leak is under the toilet where it connects to the floor. A slow leak may occur over a period of time creating water damage in the subfloor under the toilet. Again, this will cause the wood to always be wet leading to decay and attracting those destructive termites. Termites require moisture to survive, so this is the perfect environment for them.

The Link Between Termites and Water

Termites live several feet under the surface of the ground, thriving in the damp, cool dirt. They even build tunnels through which they travel as they make their way into your house foraging for their food—damp, water-damaged wood! Keep your home dry and free of excess moisture and decaying wood. Repair any leaks, replace cracked or missing caulking, keep taking those showers and you will be able to enjoy your American dream home for many years!

How To Prevent Termites

Have you noticed signs of a termite infestation in your home? Or are you just concerned there might be a threat to your property because you have identified a few areas of excess moisture? Well, if so, then it might is a good time to call the professionals to determine if your wood rot is a result of termite damage. We can help make sure your home in Arlington is free of pests. Give the termite experts here at Mitchell Pest a call. We have the training, experience and know how to tell whether you do or don’t have an existing termite problem. If you do, we will get rid of these silent home wreckers quickly and safely. We can help you keep them away for good so that you never have to be concerned Give us a call for a thorough termite pest inspection today! Read about Termites: The $5,000,000,000 Problem.

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