Signs of Termite Damage in Your Home


Signs of Termite Damage in Your Home

Even property inspections search for signs of termites before evaluating the property’s value. Unfortunately, few homeowners take the active necessary steps to protect their property before it is too late. Thousands of homeowners struggle to maintain a termite free home or to keep them from damaging their structure. However, their work is not in vain, as structural damage caused by termites can cause many properties to be destroyed. Like any good challenge, half the battle is understanding your enemy. For termites, this means to understand why they invade your home and what they are looking for when they do. Let’s dive a bit deeper into understanding the damage termites can cause your home.

Structural Termite Damage 

With their first entry to your home, termites begin the damage from the inside out. A few warning signs will pop up that if you pay attention to, you could prevent more irreversible damage. First, cracks in your floor or foundation provide the perfect opportunity for termites to enter your home. They also enter your home from their own shelter tubes via the ground over concrete to get to wood in your home.

Some less noticeable signs that termites have infested your home include:

  • Mud tunnels or ‘shelter tubes’ adhering to your foundation.
  • Jammed windows and doors
  • Pin-sized holes in your drywall with mud
  • Mud tubes coming down from worn down wood
  • Damaged wood
  • Echo sound coming from the wood Damage like this causes immediate danger to your home and even your family.

If termites weaken the structural components of your home such as your flooring and beams that hold your ceiling, it can cripple your home’s skeleton. This is extremely dangerous, as your property could fall in on you without proper support. It also results in extremely high repair costs.

Damage to Your Foundation

Ask interested home buyers if they would ever consider investing in a property that had once been the victim of a termite infestation and the answer would likely be no. Termite damage goes far deeper than surface issues. It is rooted in the very foundations and structural areas of your home. Understanding this, and the costs associated with repairing the damage, and most buyers will immediately walk away. However, once you have termites, you have to face the damage. Removing them can be done. It is a two step process that involves removing the termites via the help of a pest control team, and repairing the damage they caused—which includes removing and replacing any wood that termites invested and gutting most of the home’s structure. Once you’ve done all this, you’ll also find yourself with a lower resale value, because of the extensive, and often unforeseeable damage caused by these creatures. The best plan of action, then, would be to avoid a termite infestation in the first place.

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