What to Expect From Your Pest Control Service


What to Expect From Your Pest Control Service

Pest control is about more than keeping critters out of your home, it’s also about the health, comfort, and safety of your family. From the Zika virus to termite damage, there is a good reason to hire a pest control service. The question is, once you hire them, what should you expect from your pest control company in Richmond?

Pest control experts typically do the following:

  • Inspect your property for pests
  • Provide a quote for the work to remove said pests
  • Set a date for the work
  • Spray chemicals
  • Set preventative traps
  • Offer pest-proofing ideas

What Does a Pest Control Company Do?

Pest control services should meet some basic standards. Below you’ll find our recommendations for Arlington and other areas with what you should expect when you hire a pest control service.

Basic Pest Control Service Consultation—Before your pest control experts perform any work, the first step is to perform a basic consultation and offer you an estimate. The consultation should include your pest control expert talking you through what they plan to do, how they will do it, and answering your questions. Additionally, they should explain what preparation is required for their services. This might include blocking off certain areas of your home from pets and children, storing food properly etc. Most pest control estimates come with a letter of instructions to follow before they arrive.

Respect—Once they do arrive, and you agree to their terms, you should expect them to show up on time and get to work right away. Respectfulness for your property and needs should always be their top priority. Obviously, if they are running late they should promptly notify you. They should also give you a good time estimate for how long the service will take.

Professionalism—The next important area of service is professionalism. Technicians do get dirty because they work under and around the outside of your home, but that doesn’t mean they should arrive dirty. Clean, neat, and friendly should be the standard for your pest control service providers.

Walkthrough—Before they get started, they should perform a basic walk-around of your property to ensure no new situations have popped up that could prevent the service. They’ll double-check that you followed their instructions so that their treatment actually works. If any issues develop, their job is to notify you before they begin.

Conversation—Once they’ve covered the basics around the home, they’ll catch up with you to give you a quick overview of what they’re about to do. They might ask what type of pests you’ve noticed around the home and ask you where you’ve seen them. This is all done in an effort to help you get the most from the service.

Treatment begins—Now your technician will begin treating your home. They will perform your treatment quickly, efficiently, and neatly. No additional chemicals will be left in areas they don’t belong and nothing should be removed or damaged unless agreed to beforehand.

Recommendations—After your pest control treatment is complete, your technicians should offer guidance on how to avoid additional infestations and what follow-up treatments might be necessary. A written report of the service will be provided along with any warranties or guarantees.

Does Pest Control Actually Work?

Now that you know what a pest control company does, does it actually work? Yes, professional pest control does work if done the right way. Before you choose a company, make sure they are properly licensed and staffed with experienced exterminators. The only way pest control will not work is if you're dealing with an inexperienced company that doesn't know how to handle your infestation.

At Mitchell Pest, we follow the standards mentioned above. For information about our pest control service in VA Beach and other Virginia locations, please reach out to us today.

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