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    5 Ways to Prevent Mosquitoes Around your Home

    July 18, 2018

    Mosquitoes are one of the worsts pests to have around your home. They also are carriers of countless diseases, making them a danger to your family and your pets. However, keeping your home mosquito free is far from easy. As pest control experts, we know how difficult this process can be. To guide you towards a mosquito free home, we’ve listed the following simple steps for you below.

    1. Become a Gardener
    Weeds are one of the greatest culprits of mosquito colonies. Tall grass gives mosquitoes an opportunity to hang out and cool off during the heat of the summer day. At night they emerge from your weeds to feast on your family, friends, and animals. But that doesn’t have to be your fate. We highly recommend active gardening to prevent mosquito homes. Keep your grass at about 3” or less and trim your bushes reguarlly while avoiding overwatering. Mosquitoes thrive on excess water, so make that a priority.
    1. Use a fan.
    No really, a fan can prevent mosquitoes. Mosquitoes don’t fly well, which means if it is a particularly windy day or if you happen to have a fan placed outside, you can make it much more difficult for them to suck your blood. A desk fan is sufficient enough to prevent them from flying to you.
    1. Dump the water.
    Standing water is the biggest culprit of mosquito colonies. Mosquitoes actually lay their eggs in water that is stagnant, so anything that has standing water inside could become a breeding ground for these obnoxious and awful insects. Make your home unattractive by dumping all access water that is standing around your home, and after it rains check your property again to make sure there is nothing too enticing for mosquitos.
    1. Don’t overlook bird baths.
    Bird baths that don’t have running water supplying them should also be dumped. Clean your bird bath once a week to get rid of any eggs that may have been placed there.
    1. Keep your pond pest free.
    Mosquitos also love ponds. Of course, you can’t just dump your pond once a week. However, you can keep these pesky insects at bay shop single golf irons and by installing a water feature into your pond. This keeps the water moving and makes it impossible for mosquitos to lay eggs on the surface of the water.
    1. Eliminate Pets Dishes
    Another mistake many homeowners make is leaving water bowls outside their home. Your pets only need water outdoors when they are outdoors. If you leave standing water bowls outside your home you’re creating a maternity ward for mosquitos. Change the water bowls out daily to eliminate the risk from these insects.
    1. Install mesh
    Fine mesh is a great way to protect yourself and your family during the summer. Make sure that every window and door is protected with meshing before you leave it open. Fresh air in hot months is always enticing but keep the mosquitos outside by using mesh wherever possible. Use these simple tips to keep mosquitos at bay, and for more information feel free to reach out to our team. Keep reading to learn about the damage termites can cause to your home.