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Pest Control Service Leesburg VA

Pest Control Service Leesburg VA

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Mitchell Pest knows Bugs especially the ones we kill in Leesburg, VA. We understand what brings them into your home or business, the favorable conditions needed for them to thrive and unfortunately increase and most importantly how to quickly get rid of them. The ones that cause the most creep factor are Cockroaches, Bed Bugs, Ants and Termites but no worries we update ourselves constantly with the latest pest industry techniques to give you long-term pest control.

Residential Pest Control: Don’t pay too much! Our service prices are designed to be affordable

    • Committed to affordable Pest Control Services

    • All State Licenses and Certifications

    • Professional Pest Inspections for Homeowners

    • Realtors Home Pest Inspections for Closings

  • We offer pest control in Leesburg and the surrounding NOVA area.

Imagine no hordes of creepy crawly creatures disturbing your family life or work day. This can happen with our help. Call Mitchell Pest today, we’ll quickly schedule a visit to examine what’s driving your pest problem and how affordable it will be to get rid of them.

Commercial Pest Control: We are committed to budget-friendly service feestermites-under-floor-mitchel-pest-control-leesburg-va

    • Commercial Pest Control Services take care of any pest problem

    • Thorough Commercial Pest Inspections for all types of businesses

  • Budget-Friendly Pest Control contracts for preventive services

Businesses suffer great losses with pest infestations for example cockroaches will require a foodstuff warehouse to damage out a lot of their merchandise and other pests will do the same and if state inspectors get involved fines and penalties could be assessed. However, we can stop this mess from even occurring with one of our preventive plans or if pests are already a problem, we can fix it fast. Mitchell Pest Control of Leesburg VA makes pests the prey and your business no longer the victim.

Termite Inspections with Free Extermination Estimate

It’s estimated that in the USA Termites damage around a half a million homes every year and homeowners spend around 5 billion to prevent it. It’s actually no surprise that mortgage bankers encouraged Termite Inspections to be mandatory in VA in order to protect their clients and themselves from homes that could fall down from Termite damage- not unheard of.

    • Mitchell Pest Control are Licensed Termite Inspectors

    • Termite Inspections will accommodate Realtors schedule during home purchases

    • Termite inspections for VA Loans

  • Our Termite Inspections are exhaustive and complete – we don’t miss a bug.

Termites are a problem everywhere in Leesburg VA cities and rural locations. Stopping Termites early on is important before the rate of building destruction rises exponentially as the colony increases. Click on Termites for more information about these very destructive insects.

Extermination of Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs grow to about a ¼ inch, reddish brown in color, wingless, oval in shape and flat bodied. They readily conceal themselves within a mattress pushing into its seams, cracks or crevasses in all types of furniture, carpet, behind wallpaper and really anywhere they can hide during daylight. They can be found anywhere people frequent- we are their preferred prey. Watch out! they breed to enormous numbers rapidly so immediately upon suspecting you have them- CALL Mitchell Pest Control.

Bed Bugs are difficult to kill without professional help. We know of people that were so desperate to evade these bloodsuckers they completely abandoned their homes, including everything they owned, and fled to distant locations. No worries, the professional pest industry has Bed Bug Treatments that work.

Mitchell Pest Control Bed Bug treatment plans are tailored to each individual situation. We are not guessing when we work out each plan- we know what will stop them. There are a group of safe pesticides that may be employed and there is an environmental Thermal treatment which raises the temperature in the dwelling to above 117 degrees Fahrenheit to 122 degrees using portable heaters. Thermal treatment is not a do it yourself project many people have started fires they were not always able to put out.

Bed Bugs are everywhere in Hotels, Airplane seats, Theater seat and in used clothing. The very best advice anyone can give you, during your travels, is to look before you lay or sit down. Check seams of the mattress, upholstery on chairs, cracks in furniture and around the perimeter of a hotel room.

You can put your trust in our abilities- Mitchell Pest Control is methodical and knowledgeable about how to best free your family from the scourge of Bed Bugs.

Cockroach Inspections and their Total Destruction

  • Our Inspections in Leesburg, VA are strenuous and exacting we find the Cockroach hoard wherever they may be.

  • Budget-Friendly Treatment Plans: Cost of controls and treatments advised depending upon the species of cockroach, location and how many there are.

  • We understand the behavior of Cockroaches and know how to stop them fast.

There are 4000 species of cockroaches in the world and about 30 of them are considered pests. However, in Leesburg VA the American Cockroach, Oriental Cockroach, Asian Cockroach and the most feared the German Cockroach are the species we worry about.

The American Cockroach is largest of the species around 2 inches long, reddish brown with long wings that cover their bodies. Occasionally they are found in homes but they are more often found in restaurants, grocery stores, bakeries and other places where food is prepared. They like fermenting foods, rising bread and beer. They prefer places high in moisture and very warm, above 82 degrees F.

Oriental Cockroach adults are about an inch long and dark brown almost black in color. It prefers temperatures under 84 degrees F and has been found outdoors in freezing weather. It is often called a water bug because it’s found near drains, leaky water pipes, under sinks, and under they refrigerators. They will enter a building when disturbed outside, heavy rain, mowing the grass and cleaning up undergrowth.

Asian Cockroach adults are a ½ inch in length and tan brown in color. It is considered a nuisance pest to homeowners as it prefers to live outdoors. However, when Large populations develop near home many will be tempted to follow the bright lights from a home indoors during the evenings. They fly very well which will distinguish them from their look-alike cousins the German Cockroach.

German Cockroaches are identical in looks to Asian ones but differ greatly in habitat and behavior. The German Cockroach only lives indoors they don’t survive outdoors. Click on Cockroaches to learn more facts about the nature of these horrible insects. German Cockroaches reach sexual maturity quickly and are prolific breeders. They will produce 400 eggs within a 100-day lifecycle- meaning they will increase exponentially after a short period. When you see one, you have several others: don’t wait to call us.

Cockroaches bring to mind the lone surviving species of insect that crawled through radioactive ruins of Japanese cities after the atomic bombs. Myth buster proved they could withstand 1000 radon units whereas humans are known to perish in 10 minutes. It’s been declared that cockroaches will inherit the earth. Mitchell Pest Control will investigate the extent of the infestation, implement a plan to get rid of them and then we’ll suggest certain changes to your home to prevent the cockroaches from infesting your home or business again. We also offer plans that will monitor your home against the pests.

Carpenter Ant Inspections and their Fast Removal

  • No worries, Mitchell Pest Control quickly stops huge black Carpenter Ants, Pavement Ants, Little Black Ants, Odorous House Ants, and Pharaoh Ants from overrunning and creeping out your home life.

We will skillfully inspect your home to find all Ant nests or colonies and will advise what it will take to quickly destroy them. Afterward, with your permission, we’ll set up controls to keep them away.

Carpenter Ants and other types of Ants Inspections are offered by Mitchell Pest Control in Leesburg, VA. We have experienced technicians using reliable methods to Stop them and other Ants from chewing tunnels into your wooden structures, disturbing your meals or damaging your belongings.

Pharaoh ants are a particular problem in Hospitals because they will invade a patient dressed wound causing gruesome damage to those patients too sick to do anything about it. They also invade expensive medical machines and destroy them. Call us! we come immediately and can take care of any pest crisis.

The reasons ant bait stations gotten from the neighborhood seldom work is because they will at first use set off a panic within the nest that will scatter the workers to build new nests away from danger. No worries, Mitchell Pest Control quickly stops huge black Carpenter Ants, Pavement Ants, Little Black Ants, Odorous House Ants and Pharaoh Ants from overrunning and creeping out your home life.

Signs that you could have the very destructive Carpenter Ant:
Spying Large Black Ants about an inch-long sporting large jaws that they use to chew out nesting tunnels in moisture-damaged wood. You may see little piles of sawdust along with the wood framing of doors, windows, baseboards, sinks, and bathtubs. They prefer wood that’s moisture damaged but will also chew tunnels out of dry wood. Click on Carpenter Ants for further information.

The Carpenter Ants in your home could be from a nest located inside or outside the structure because they establish several satellite colonies once the parent colony gets too large. Thus, the parent colony could be outside while several satellite colonies are inside the home. This makes the process of finding all nests difficult. You can have confidence in our abilities- Mitchell Pest Control is methodical and knowledgeable in our pest search and will find all nests.

Mosquito Free Backyard Barbeques – No Kidding

These darn insects will ruin a backyard barbecue or make it so miserable at night- causing people to stay indoors. Beyond the itchy, irritating bites these creatures kill more people than anything else in this world. They’re carriers of some of the deadliest diseases that bring suffering to so many people. They transmit malaria, yellow fever, dengue fever, deadly encephalitis, and West Nile virus. They also transmit heartworm to our companion pet dogs which can be expensive to treat or deadly if not treated.

Unknown to most people, Female mosquitoes, not males bite people not for a source of food or their own nourishment but for protein to develop eggs. For food, both males and females suck up nectar and other plant sugars usually from heavy ground cover around the backyard.

Mitchell Pest Control during the inspection will recommend cleaning out stagnate water sources such as discarded debris, old tires, neglected bird baths, thick undergrowth, dripping outdoor faucets and removing some overgrown shrubs to let in the light to very dark areas of their property.

The lone mosquito will normally travel less than a few hundred feet from where they’re born. This gives us a specific location to inspect and offer mosquito treatment and prevention using sprays, foggers, misting systems that kill mosquitoes, larva and their eggs and prevent others from moving in.

For every mosquito infested backyard, we plan a treatment program designed for the uniqueness of each client’s property that will control mosquitoes for the whole season or just a onetime visit for a special occasion. We only use EPA registered products as suggested. The protection of yourself, family and companion pets are our first priority without fail.

Inspections and Estimate for Mice and Rat Removal Including Preventative Controls

  • Budget-Friendly Mice and Rat removal and preventative: We kill the current ones and stop new arrivals.

  • Our control methods are fast and safe for your family and companion pets.

  • Exhaustive Inspections: We find how they got in

Mice and Rats can bring into your home or business as many as 35 diseases, several parasites including costly damage from gnawing holes into wood, water pipes, and wires. Some of the diseases they bring are Hantavirus and Salmonella. Parasites that are also spread by their fleas, ticks, and mites cause Lyme Disease, Bubonic Plague and Colorado Tick Fever.

Hantavirus is found mostly in deer mice. The disease is passed to humans who come in contact with their urine and feces. Also, when this bodily waste dries it becomes airborne as a disease filled dust to be passed on when someone inhales it usually by cleaning a barn, attic or storeroom. Hantavirus symptoms start out with a fever and chills but will quickly turn very serious if not treated- even death from kidney failure.

Salmonella a dangerous food poisoning can be spread by these creatures as they crawl over counters, bite into packages or wiggle through tiny crevasses (as small as a nickel). Click, and learn some valuable tips in preventing House Mice!

These pests breed very quickly on average one female mouse will have between 32 to 56 pups per year. When you see one mouse or rat, you can be assured that more are hiding. Mitchell Pest Inspections are complimentary, confidential and include firm written estimates for treatment and controls. Give us a call, we’ll quickly schedule an inspection and shortly you could be pest free.

Professional Inspections for Fleas and Ticks

  • Flea and Tick Inspections are followed up with a written treatment plan that is budget friendly and safe for family and pets.

  • We use the best Flea treatment methods that kill all stages of life – adults, larvae, and eggs.

  • All our products are EPA registered, within the date of effectiveness and applied correctly – we do not use expired products.

Pets can pick up fleas many ways walk in the park, vet’s office even your own backyard. The other ways fleas can enter the home is on something you carry in or on your clothing and shoes. Once in your home, they will quickly breed into a hoard mostly infesting places close to where your pet rests and if that’s your bed, as their population grows, you’ll get bitten too.

Product sold in stores to kill fleas in the home may kill some of the adult fleas but leave the larva and eggs unharmed. These Pesticides sold in stores have to be idiot proof to keep people from harm so they generally aren’t as effective as the products professionals’ use.

When you are seeing fleas jumping around on your hapless pet, bring them to the vet for treatment and call us to treat your home. Mitchell Pest Control of Leesburg, VA will quickly provide a consultation and advise solutions to quickly end the pestilence.

Bee and Wasp Rapid No Sting Removal

  • Do you hear buzzing or humming in your walls or just somewhere in the home unable to get a fix on where it’s coming from?

  • Finding a Bee or Wasp in your home every day is not normal.

  • A Huge Bee Hive or Wasp nest on the roof, in the attic or under the eves could turn out badly for one of your children so it should be removed fast.

Wasps will actively search for an opening into your attic and will even chew an opening through moisture-damaged wood.

First, our professional consultation with you will determine just what type of stinging insect you have wasp, hornets, yellowjacket, sweat bees, carpenter bee or the most valuable honey bee- this decides what type of treatment we’ll advise.

European Honey Bees are gentle creatures and usually can be waved away without them stinging. Also, they are so important to our environment that the removal method is relocation. A vacuum is used to gather the bees after they are put in a stupor with smoke.

Africanized Honey Bees haven’t been found yet in Leesburg but they have been found in southwest Virginia so they could soon be here.

Spiders are Scary and Sometimes Harmful: We remove them Fast and Safely

Virginia has 13 species of spiders that are considered common and of those 2 are considered dangerous to humans. We are such a mobile society that it’s not unheard of to find yourself in the company of an unfamiliar perhaps dangerous species of spider- perhaps hiding in a suitcase or in a mail order package. Do be careful confronting such spiders because you just don’t know if they may be poisonous. It’s best to call us, to deal with it.

Dangerous Spiders native to Virginia:

The Black Widow Spider is shiny black, 1.5 inches long and sports a red or orange hourglass shape on its back which is a dead giveaway that you’re in the company of a dangerous insect. However, it’s not considered an aggressive spider so just back up and don’t crowd it because it will bite to defend itself. These spiders build nests close to the ground against rocks, wood piles and dark corners of buildings. If you see any, call us and we’ll take care of it before any of your kids who may be playing next to a nest get bitten.

If you are unfortunate enough to get bitten, it’ll feel like a small sting that is quickly followed by swelling at the site and extremely painful muscle cramps that can last days. It’s your good fortune that there is a quick acting antivenom so get medical help right after a bite. Small children and seniors are the most stricken after a bite.

The Brown Recluse is generally between ¼ to ¾ inches long. Typically they are light to medium brown in color but can also range from light to dark grey. On the back of their heads, they usually have a black line marking that looks like a violin with the neck of the violin point to the rear of the spider. This violin marking has resulted in nicknames of fiddle back spider, brown fiddler or violin spider. They are aptly named recluse because they are shy spiders who normally hide in quiet out of the way places such as an attic, barn and have also been known to hide in shoes.

People, normally, get bitten by putting their hand in a box or a foot in a shoe containing a Brown Recluse. It’s always best to shake out shoes that may have been sitting a garage for a while and to look in a box before getting something out.

The Brown Recluse bite is not painful but is a dangerous shot of necrotic venom which may cause minor tissue damage in most people. However, for others, the death of tissue surrounding the bite site can lead to huge ulcers that need to be treated medically. In rare cases, a bite will cause systemic illness, affecting the whole body of the victim that may wind up being deadly. Unfortunately, there is not yet an approved antivenom though science is working on it.

Best to play it safe with dangerous spiders and call Mitchell Pest Control. Don’t pay too much for help! Our home inspections and quotes for treatment are designed to be more affordable than competitors.

Wildlife Removal Designed Specifically for each Varmint Humanely as Possible

Is Wildlife causing damage and trouble on or in your property? Wildlife is notorious for chewing holes into buildings, ruining attic insulation with soiling and nesting, stinking up the place with urine or fecal waste and breeding more creatures to increase your troubles. Other costs of unresolved wildlife encroachment bring exposures to diseases like Rabies and many parasites, such as fleas, ticks, intestinal worms, and lungworms.

We Remove Snakes Quickly without Dangerous Bites

There are 32 species of snakes’ native to the Commonwealth of Virginia and 3 are considered venomous the Eastern Cottonmouth, Northern Copperhead, and the Timber Rattlesnake.

The Eastern Cottonmouth named so because of the white color of the inside of its mouth which is seen when the snake opens for a bite. Adults run around 3 to 4 ft. long but occasionally some have been found that are closer to 6 ft. The Cottonmouth carries an hour-glass pattern of brown bands alternating with centers of light tan or olive. The Juveniles have bright yellow or greenish tail tips and are smaller of course. They are generally found near water as they are the most aquatic of venomous snakes in Virginia.

The Northern Copperhead is thick bodied, 24 to 36 inches long, triangle-shaped head and its color is reddish brown with an hourglass pattern of crossbands from light copper to dark brown. They are found in rocky areas taking cover in run-down buildings, brush piles, and stone walls. It is a slow-moving snake that relies on its camouflage to escape confrontation.

The Timber Rattlesnake is medium bodied and 30 to 60 inches long. 2 different color patterns (1) is the yellow phase which contains a background color of yellow crossed with V-shaped banding of dark brown or black. (2) the black phase which sports a black head with a background of dark brown to black with a V-shaped black crossbanding. They are found in hardwood and mixed pine-hardwood forests that have areas of sunny patches of rocky slopes and ledges for places to hibernate. In the fall they gather in large numbers near previously used den sites to hibernate with company.

Don’t try and handle a snake or shoo it off with a broom as you could be bitten faster than you can move so be smart and call Mitchell Pest Control Snake specialists. When someone is in danger, we come right away. Your safety is a priority of ours.

Raccoons Wreaking Havoc in your Attic: We Remove them and Prevent them from Coming Back

Raccoons looking for a safe nesting spot will break into your attic chewing through vents or facia to set up their nursery. They bring noise and destruction into your home tearing up the attic insulation, soiling every possible surface and raising a brood of very active babies. However, you really don’t want to try a do it yourself removal by confronting an angry mother raccoon protecting young ones you might get a bite- best to let wildlife experts handle it.

Nauseating Smell of Skunk Fouling the Air Around Your Home: We Remove Them without Anything or Anyone Getting Sprayed

Those homeowners living next to a wildlife preserve or forest, unfortunately, may end up with a female Stinky Skunk digging a den under your deck or crowding into your garage behind shelving units. Most likely they have been attracted by a ready source of food nearby, possibly your garbage can or food put out for pets. Because they don’t like to travel far from a good food source, they’ll dig a den close by, spend a lot of time spraying the surrounding with urine and feces, to declare their territory, and it won’t take long for their malodorous odor to nearly drive you from your rural home or business.

Believe us! removing skunks are not for the average homeowner or business manager because it’s highly likely you will get sprayed. Getting sprayed by a skunk is in a word horrific. It will make you vomit; your eyes will water; congestion will make breathing through your nose difficult and no one will come near you, not even a beloved pet. Take the safe way to deal with a skunk, call Mitchell Pest Control and engage their professional wildlife removal service.

Squirrels Nesting in Attics Cause Tremendous Damage to Roofs: We Capture them Fast and Exclude them from Coming Back

Squirrels are the number one nuisance animal in Leesburg, VA. They have litters twice a year so the moms are always looking for a safe place to raise a family of kits and your attic is very attractive to them.

Getting rid of them by setting out poison is unwise because it’s not immediate and allows time for the squirrel to get lost in your attic. Trying to find a dead squirrel within an attic full of fluffy insulation is near impossible. As the dead squirrel begins to rot, the smell will permeate the attic and spread down into the home. Plus, the quite probable litter of kits left behind will no longer have the care of a mother may squirm around and fall into wall cavities. As the kits die and decay within your walls, you’ll have a hard time figuring out just where they are while the horrid smell permeates all.

Mitchell Pest Control will end your squirrel problem through the practice of exclusion. Through observation we find out if there’s a nest of kits, then we trap the mother and remove the babies. We take care of them humanely. Finally, we’ll repair and fix all entrances into the attic then take steps to repel other potential marauders by blocking access to the roof.

Opossum Leaving Smelly Piles around your Home? We’ll Trap them Humanely and Move them Miles Away

Opossums are timid creatures about the size of a large cat that will dig a den under your deck, crawl into your shed and possibly break into your attic- equipped with opposable thumbs, they are strong climbers. Even though they are non-aggressive animals, they carry a very unpleasant strong musk smell that’s hard to put up with. When confronted they play dead by rolling over on their sides sometimes letting their tongue hang out. However, don’t pick them up because like any cornered animal they will bite.

These animals defecate a lot in large stinky piles that carry diseases such as leptospirosis, tuberculosis, spotted fever, and Chagas disease. Plus, they are probably infested with one or more parasites such as fleas, ticks, mites and lice which you or the kids could pick up by walking over the same ground. All in all, not an animal you want around or under your home.

Opossums are removed by exclusion. First, we entice them into a cage with cat food (they love cat food) then we release them miles away. Secondly, because of the parasites they carry, we’ll treat those areas where they’ve bedded down. Finally, we address how to keep them from getting in or under your home again.

Removal of Wildlife is best left to Mitchell Pest Control professionals. They know how to approach these animals without spooking them and causing them to flee and hide which only makes capture more difficult.

Bats in your Attic or Barn is a Horrible Mess that we Clean Up the Best Way – Smart Exclusion

The bats in your attic are all moms perched there to safely birth and raise a brood within a community setting. The males roost outside, though nearby, usually under the bark of a tree. Bats can get through a hole as small as a dime but they can’t chew through construction materials so they are limited to finding a hole.

The damage they bring is the catastrophic soiling of the attic or barn with towering mounds of guano- 30 times a day they poop. Besides the awful smell, guano contains a fungus called Histoplasma Capsulatum. When bat guano dries, Histoplasma spores are released into the air causing a lung disease called Histoplasmosis in humans when they breathe in the spores. People often catch this Lung disease while cleaning up a bat-infested attic, sadly, unaware of the danger.

Bats are removed by exclusion however; it has to be done in such a way that removes the moms and babies at the same time when the babies are able to fly. Bats will birth single pup between late April to early June so removing the group maternity ward at this time is fraught with peril. Summertime exclusion of bats, from your, attic risks the great probability that the pups, that still can’t fly, will be left behind to fend for themselves. These pups will quickly die- perhaps falling down into wall cavities before they do. Several bodies of decaying bat pups will only add to your problems for cleanup. Setting out poison in the attic for the entire colony will ensure that you’ll have a colony of dead bats rotting in your attic.

Call Mitchell Pest Control for bats in your attic. We perform a smart exclusion that will give the best results with the least amount of worries.

We are a Virginia pest control service. To see the other areas of Virginia where we operate, check our service areas page.


Leesburg Virginia is a picturesque town with a Historic District that was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1970- some of the towns restored architecture dates back to 1757. Located North East VA Piedmont at the Foothills of the Catoctin Mountains and Bull Run Mountains that together form the easternmost mountain range of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The town is also located at the elbow bend of Potomac River. The area of the town and beyond is known as the Culpeper Basin (an inland sea during the Jurassic period). Mountains to the west and a river to the east gives the town’s inhabitants many places to visit and enjoy the beauty of the natural world.

The climate is categorized as humid subtropical (hot and humid summers and moderately cold winters). The mountains to the west impede the arctic air and warm it as it descends toward Leesburg. The Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean brings the humidity in summer but because large bodies of water cool slower than the land they also reduce the winter cold in the region. Summer Humidity is what Leesburg citizens complain about the most and the several pests that thrive in humid conditions is a close second.

Leesburg, Virginia boasts three centuries of fascinating history that carried our country through many hard-fought battles from the founding, War of 1812 and the Civil War. After 1722 Treaty of Albany, when the Iroquois abandoned all lands east of the Blue Ridge Mountains, the town became an important spring point for those people emigrating west to settle the lands of Loudoun County and beyond. In 1758, it was picked to be the county seat of Loudoun County. The General Assembly engaged engineers to set aside 60 acres to lay out the rudiments of a county seat town: the courthouse, an office for the clerk of the county, the gaol (jail), gallows (structure to hang criminals) and the stocks (structure built in the town square that held people captive as a public form of punishment).

Leesburg is considered a bedroom community for commuters due to its close proximity (33 miles northwest) to Washington DC and the conveniently situated (15 miles away) Washington Dulles International airport. Some of the most popular neighborhoods are Woodlea Manor, Potomac Station, Greenway Farms, Evergreen Meadows and Red Cedar. These are family friendly communities boasting parks, playgrounds, pools, safe quiet streets, and its public schools have a small teacher/student ration and rate high in standardized test scores.

Over the last 30 years, Leesburg has transformed from a rural community to a commuter community with lots of opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors with 16 parks, a zoo to visit with the kids and 92 trails covering 4443 miles at all levels of hiking difficulty. Another experience not to miss is taking a ride on the Historical White’s Ferry. It’s a fun relaxing way to forgo the awful traffic on the beltway when you have to travel between Virginia and Maryland.

One of the great parks is Red Rocks Wilderness Overlook Regional Park. 67 acres of woodlands located along the banks of the Potomac with 2 miles of Trailways leading to the river bluffs and a scenic overlook. The park allows dogs on a leash. There is an easy nature hike to take with kids without worries of having to carry them. The park is home to many historic buildings with signage explaining their role in history.

Leesburg Corner Premium Outlet located at 241 Fort Evans RD NE, Leesburg, VA is a big shopping draw for locals and shoppers from further away. There are more than 110 designer outlet stores offering their best budget prices. Designers such as Burberry, Hugo Boss, Coach, Kate Spade to browse and find that perfect gift. When hungry, take a break to enjoy a nice meal with an array of popular Restaurants to match any craving.

White’s Ferry is the only local ferry guided by a cable attached to both locations that carries people, bicycles, cars and trucks across the calm waters of the Potomac River between Leesburg, VA and Dickerson, MD. It operates continuously from 5 am to 11 pm unless safety concerns from high flood waters or debris need to postpone the service. The Ferry can hold 24 cars and its passengers. Travel time is quick 2 minutes to load or unload the vehicles and 5 minutes to cross the river.

Each May, White’s Ferry hosts an event honoring soldiers at Walter Reed Army Medical Center recovering from wounds. A large motorcycle honor guard escorts the soldiers to the area to enjoy a day of music, food, fishing and rides on the Ferry. The event is sponsored by many groups and individuals within the community of Poolesville, MD.