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The Best Local Pest Control in Ranson
Pests rarely show up at convenient times. When they do rear their heads, we’re here for you with same-day service when you call before noon!
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Same Day Service

When you spot pests, they need to be dealt with immediately. We are proud to offer same day service if you call before noon!

Locally Owned

​We are a locally owned and operated company so we understand the pests in your area.

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Free Retreatments

If your problem comes back, so do we. Our re-treatments help get rid of any lingering pests at no additional cost.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Quick and responsive, and willing to collect any pests if they have someone in the area!

Virginia Beach, VA

Pest Control in Ranson

If your life already feels busy and full, discovering pests in your home can feel like the straw that broke the camel’s back. But you don’t have to go it alone! One call to Mitchell Pest Services will have your problem on the way to being solved. We pride ourselves on our highly trained exterminators in Ranson, as well as our loyal customers.

When you partner with us for pest control in Ranson, you can expect:

  • Same-Day Service when you call before noon.
  • A detailed inspection of your home or business.
  • A free quote so you know what to expect.
  • Courteous and professional service from our entire team.
  • A pest-removal plan designed to fit your needs.
  • Recurring services to ensure lasting relief.
  • A home free of pests!

Let our Charles Town exterminators take pest control off your plate. Give us a call, and we’ll give you back a home in which you can feel safe and at ease!

Mosquito Control in Ranson

Mosquitoes may seem like just another outdoor nuisance but in reality, they’re far worse. On top of their itching bites and incessant, high-pitched buzzing, these tiny little bloodsucking pests can expose your loved ones to a host of dangerous diseases! DIY methods are only so effective against an established population, making quality mosquito control in Ranson a must-have. Here at Mitchell Pest Services, we strive to give you back a safe and comfortable yard in which you can feel at ease, so give us a call today to get rid of mosquitoes for good.  

Our service includes:

  • A thorough inspection of your entire yard from a highly-trained outdoor pest exterminator. 
  • A personalized mosquito control plan designed to meet your unique needs.
  • Strategic mosquito spraying treatments which target their breeding areas.
  • Protection from dangerous illnesses like West Nile Virus, Malaria, Zika, and many others. 
  • Available same-day treatments for fast and lasting relief. 
  • And more!

Termite Treatment in Ranson

For most people, their home is the largest financial investment they’ve ever made, and yet that investment isn’t covered for termite damage under most homeowners’ insurance. Termites cause at least $5 billion in damage to homes in the United States every year. Our termite control services identify termites, eliminate them, and protect your home going forward.

When you choose Mitchell Pest for termite treatment in Ranson, count on:

  • A termite inspection conducted by one of our licensed exterminators.
  • Eco- and family-friendly treatment with cutting-edge technology that only treats termites.
  • Guaranteed termite removal within 3 months.
  • Termite monitoring and baiting allow us to keep a finger on the pulse of activity around your home.
  • 24-hour phone lines so you’re never left in the lurch.
  • Same-day service when you call before noon.

If you’ve noticed hollow-sounding wood in your home, peeling paint around door or window frames, or simply have not had your home inspected for termites, give us a call for a professional termite inspection. Mitchell Pest Services is here to help you protect your home and your investment.

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Bed Bug Treatment in Ranson

Bed bugs may only measure a few millimeters in size, but these pests are an astronomical stressor for any property owner. These fabric-loving pests can hitchhike into your home on backpacks, handbags, furniture, and more. If you’re noticing itchy bites, bug exoskeletons, or tiny blood spots on your bed linens, it’s time to call in the professionals. It’s vital to completely eliminate bed bugs, eggs, and all. Even a few stragglers create a risk that bed bugs return. That’s why at Mitchell Pest Services, our bed bug exterminators treat your entire home, not just an isolated room. Take back the night and call Mitchell Pest Services to schedule a bed bug inspection today!

When you call us for bed bug treatment in Ranson, you can count on:

  • A detailed home inspection to identify every affected area.
  • A customized treatment plan tailored to your needs. 
  • Flexible service options for treatment on your schedule.
  • Free retreatments along with our satisfaction guarantee.

Rodent Control in Ranson

Hearing squeaking, scratching, or scurrying from your attic or basement? You may have rodents. Mice and rats may look cute, but these invaders can cause structural damage to a house by gnawing at wood and wires. Additionally, they can spread diseases to you and your family by contaminating food and your home. Keep your family safe, and get the best in professional rodent removal from Mitchell Pest Services. Our expert exterminators are trained to protect your home with treatments that are completely family safe. We offer same-day rodent control in Ranson, so you can get relief fast! 

Here’s what to expect when you partner with our rodent exterminators: 

  • A free comprehensive inspection that our rodent exterminators will use to recommend treatment. 
  • A custom treatment plan designed for your home.
  • The elimination of rats and mice by our certified exterminators. 
  • Sanitization and repair of affected areas. 
  • Our 100% satisfaction guarantee, if the rodents come back so will we.

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