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Pest Control Service Richmond VA

Pest Control Service Richmond VA

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    At Mitchell Pest, we serve as a top-notch pest control service in Richmond VA. We have countless years of experience in the pest control industry. Our company uses the best and latest techniques for long-term pest control. We are a full service Pest control company

    Our team specializes in killing Richmond bed bugs, cockroaches, termites, and ant and other pests. No matter if you think you could have an infestation or simply want to have your property professionally analyzed to make sure you’re not at risk for having one, we have the tools to do so. Call your local Richmond Exterminator, Mitchell Pest!

    Residential Pest Control Company in Richmond VA

    • Mitchell Pest services Richmond and surrounding areas in central Virginia

    • Residential pest inspections for real estate closings

    • Affordable pest extermination in Richmond

    • Fully licensed pest control company

    • Free home pest inspection

    Did you know that just one pest can quickly turn into a total home pest infestation? At Mitchell Pest, we offer complete residential pest control in Richmond. We recognize that massive pest infestation can ruin your investment in your property and do more damage than the average person can even imagine. Our decades of experience in the pest control business give us the leverage to provide exceptional pest control treatment options that work.

    Our business is to prevent pests from spreading and even entering your home.

    Commercial Pest Control in Richmond VA

    • Commercial pest inspections for a wide range of businesses

    • Covering the full scope of commercial pest control services

    • Pest control contracts available for continuous service

    Pests can quickly damage the reputation of your business. An infestation of any kind can also result in regulatory fines. As a commercial business owner, you simply cannot afford to fall victim to a pest infestation. At Mitchell Pest, we offer commercial pest control in Richmond to protect your business. Our services are backed by proven, powerful, commercial pest control methods that work, guaranteed. After decades of experience in the pest control business, we have created workable solutions that get to the heart of your pest problem quickly, leaving no stone unturned. Whether you’re suffering from a termite, bed bug, ant, cockroach, or other pest infestation, we have you covered.

    Termite Inspector and Exterminator in Richmond VA

    • Experienced Termite exterminators

    • Termite inspections for real estate sales

    • Termite inspections for home loans

    • Thorough Termite treatment process

    Termites are insatiable insects that have no barriers for what they will and won’t eat. At Mitchell Pest, we understand how termites think, that’s why we’re the best choice for termite inspections and treatments in Richmond VA. We have provided quality pest and termite control solutions since our inception, and our mission is to rid your home or business of every last termite. Our certified team of professionals has provided services to a wide variety of clients ranging from government facilities to commercial enterprises to apartment and residential communities. We use innovative techniques and strategies based on decades of experience in the industry to ensure our clients receive only the highest standard results. Progressive yet knowledgeable, we offer termite inspections and treatments that go beyond the everyday pest control other companies offer.

    Bed bug infestation

    Thermal Bed Bug Extermination in Richmond VA

    • Eliminate bed bugs fast

    • Thermal Bed Bug extermination process

    • Free bed bug inspections in RVA

    • Eco-friendly bed bug treatments

    At Mitchell Pest, we know how horrifying it can be to have a bed bug, termite or roach issue on your property. It not only affects your everyday life, but it also can have a dramatic effect on your investments. Our job is to provide complete pest control services and solutions that you can count on. We pride ourselves on delivering termite and bed bug treatments that save you time and money. As a top thermal bed bug company in Richmond, we deliver outstanding eco-friendly bed bug treatments that get to work killing bed bugs fast. Our friendly and knowledgeable team is ready to help your business or home get back to normal.


    • Absolutely SPEEDY cockroach kills

    • Inspection methods are the best and most thorough in Richmond

    • Preventative treatment plans are affordable and effective

    Cockroaches are natures clean up crew for breaking down dead and decaying matter. However helpful they are, most people don’t want to live with them. There is nothing creepier than seeing a bunch of cockroaches scurrying away when you turn a light on in a dark room or one climbing up out of a bath drain right before you take a bath. Engage a pest control company like Mitchell Pest Control when you suspect cockroaches are hiding in your home because they will soon overwhelm you and your family with new members of their family.

    There are 4000 species of cockroaches in our world but only about 30 of them are considered pests. One pair of house cockroaches can breed up to a massive number of 300,000 within a years’ time- enough to make anyone shiver.

    In Richmond, VA there are 4 subspecies of cockroaches that are major pests:

    The German Cockroach is a very invasive species of cockroach infesting our homes and businesses. They are hard to control because they reach sexual maturity the quickest of all types, produce the greatest number of eggs and their small flat bodies allow them to hide more effectively than some of their larger cousins. They are light brown with 2 black stripes running down their back and are on average a ½ inch long. They do possess wings but are unable to fly well enough to make a quick getaway so they run instead. They live indoors and spread their pestilence to other homes by hiding in used furniture, luggage (during a trip), used electronics (they like the warmth in these devices), old books and bags or boxes. In apartment buildings, townhomes and crowded inner cities, they move easily between homes or restaurants following plumbing, sewers and cabling lines. Mitchell Pest Control knows how to take control of these nasty critters and your home will soon be pest free- just call for a free inspection.

    American Cockroach unsettles us because they are large- about 2 inches long. They are reddish brown in color and normally live outdoors in a warm, moist and protected environment, such as under mulch, garbage, sewers, and tunnels. But, they will move indoors through cracks in screens or foundations to escape the cold of winter and live and breed in kitchens, bathrooms or wherever food and moisture are abundant. Because of their large size, they are more quickly noticed by people and usually, steps are taken quickly to rid homes of them before they become truly catastrophic to a healthy indoor environment.

    Oriental Cockroach is shiny black or dark brown,1 to 2 inches in length and primarily live outdoors beneath mulch, leaf debris, rocks, and garbage. Attracted indoors to sewage, moist areas like drains and leaking plumbing they will live in wall voids, crawl spaces, drains, and sewers.

    Wood Roaches are not unlike German cockroaches in appearance (though larger). But, they are strictly an outdoor species dwelling under piles of wood, inside decaying logs and under loose tree bark. They accidentally fly into a home on occasion through an open door or window. They cannot withstand the lower humidity of an indoor environment and will quickly die within 24 hours. If you see a cockroach flying around inside your home, it’s likely a wood cockroach looking for a quick way out just open the door and direct it out.

    Costs of controls and treatments suggested will depend upon the type of cockroach, location and the extent of the colony.


    • Are Big black ants, flying ants or swarms of little brown ants making your home creepy? We offer complimentary expert ant inspections to locate their nest and wipe them out.

    • Our Ant killer technicians use the best results-oriented treatments and bait stations

    • We never use expired Pesticides, cheap unreliable products or unproven methods

    • All our products are EPA reviewed and safe for use around people

    There are several species of ants in Virginia, however only a few are trouble or a nuisance for the home or business. The most destructive one in is the dreaded Carpenter Ant:

    Carpenter Ants are rather large about an inch, deep black in color and possess large powerful jaws they use to tunnel out moisture damaged wood in order to build a community home of chambers and corridors. However, they do keep a clean house and will deposit the chewed-up wood into little piles (looks like sawdust) outside the commune beneath baseboards, door jams and window sills- an unmistakable sign of their presence. A large community of carpenter ants will weaken the wood framing in a home and will also contaminate your foodstuffs as they forage for the community.

    Virginia Beach other species of ants that are a nuisance:

    odorous ants richmond vaOdorous Ants the most common ants to be found in homes fouling food products. They are small, brown or black in color and release a rotten odor smell when crushed hence their moniker.

    Pharaoh Ants are a well-known notorious pest in hospitals because of their ability to infest sterile sealed supplies. They are also found in sterile equipment and in patients wounds where they spread organisms like Streptococcus and Clostridium between patients. They are small and light yellow (rather translucent) in color with red and black marking on the abdomen. They will nest inside wall voids, undisturbed dark spaces, wooden furniture (causing sometimes costly damage) and in the insulation of appliances.  They feed in drains, refuse, foods and are fond of sugary based foodstuffs.

    Pavement Ants generally found outside under cracks in sidewalks, stones or next to foundations. They are small, brown to black in color. They can on occasion be found inside of home under floors, in walls, and inside the insulation. They will forage for food in your home entering through cracks in foundations, tears in screens or other openings and once they find food they’ll take it back to the nest. They eat other insects gaining up on them alive or dead, honeydew from aphids (a sugar-rich anal waste produce by aphids as they feed) and several human foods but their favorite is greasy foods.

    Available pesticide sprays from home store to kill these pests tend to alarm and scatter the worker ants instead to build more communities. Instead, call Mitchell Pest Control and we’ll use a slow kill formula to eliminate them quickly without alarming them first. All our products are environmentally safe and professionally designed to kill a particular pest. The controls we use are effective and applied safely: no harm to family and pets.


    • Mosquito treatment in Richmond VA for a single important event

    • Mosquito free zone throughout the season

    • Free inspections gladly offered including written estimates for service.

    The Mosquito, one of natures smallest creatures, have killed more people by a simple bite then all other causes of death combined. For example, in 1881 the French began construction of the Panama Canal and after 20 years it was abandoned due to the huge mortality rate of its workers that contracted Yellow Fever and Malaria. 85% of the canal workers were hospitalized and 22,000 died primarily of Yellow Fever. Pretty soon workers fled the area and none could be enticed back. When America purchased the development rights from the bankrupt French company, the first task was to stop the deaths. US army physician Major Walter Reed proved it was the lowly mosquito that was responsible for all the deaths. After dumping 120 tons of pyrethrum insecticide along with 300 tons of Sulphur and 600,000 gallons of oil, the mosquitoes were eradicated to the extent that only a handful of Yellow Fever cases were noted after a year.

    In Richmond, VA, mosquitoes transmit West Nile Virus and other forms of Encephalitis. Plus, our companion dogs can be infected with heartworm disease (a parasitic worm that multiplies within the lungs, heart, and arteries) which for most of the unfortunate dogs is a death sentence. And for others, whose families have the wherewithal to provide Veterinary care, it is a very expensive condition to treat.

    Mosquitoes can breed in as little as a 1/2 inch of water, such as stagnant water in bird baths, old tires, forgotten or discarded buckets, and heavy vegetative undergrowth. Mitchell Pest Control will identify mosquito breeding sites and propose solutions.

    Mitchell Pest Control uses the best (proven effective) mosquito repellent available to professional pest companies. Our technicians are well trained to be thorough in methods of treatment- they are efficient and affordable mosquito killers. Our treatment plans are way more effective than any spray that can be applied by a Homeowner. We use only EPA registered products, applied strictly within their guidelines, for the safety of our clients, their families and companion pets.


    • Affordable rat and mice control methods

    • Our quick kill methods are safe for your family

    • The Best Inspections: We find how they’re getting in.

    Our extensive rodent inspections will explore your entire property to determine what is attracting them, how they are getting in, stop new arrivals and kill rats and mice you already have. Rats can squeeze through a hole the size of a quarter. Whereas, mice can squeeze through a hole as small as a nickel so we are on the lookout for very small openings into the home. Treatments we use are absolutely effective to get rid of rats and mice and safe for family and companion pets. Mitchell Pest Inspections are free and include written cost estimates for treatment and controls.

    mouse in toilet richmond vaRats and mice infestations in the home not only damage your property but bring several diseases and parasites with them. They are known to spread more than 35 diseases. They are spread directly to humans through the handling of live or dead rodents, contact with their feces, urine, and saliva from their bites. Several diseases are also spread indirectly through fleas, ticks or mites that leave the rodent host and bite you.

    Rats and mice: How to know when they infest your home? Evidence of their droppings is usually the first indication of a rodent problem. Rats leave glossy black feces that are ½ to ¾ an inch long. Mice leave small feces that are smooth and pointed on each end. Another sign would be hearing scratching and squeaking noises at night in your walls. And yet another, could be evidence of gnawing upon baseboards, door frames and inside kitchen cabinets. Their teeth never stop growing so to keep them short they must wear them down on hard building materials. Rats can chew through cinder-block, bricks, mortar, aluminum, wood, glass, vinyl, and old or distressed concrete. They can’t chew through galvanized steel flashing hardware cloth and steel reinforced caulks.


    • Best Flea treatment methods that kill ALL life stages adults, larvae and eggs

    • Repel the ticks from your property and kill the ones already there

    • Professional products of pest destruction applied correctly for the safety of your family and pets.

    fleas on dog richmond va

    Fleas are most likely brought into your home by companion pets that may have picked them up on their walks in the park or neighborhood. However, on occasion, they may have hitched a ride on anything brought into the home- even on you. When your pets have been given medicine to kill their fleas, the ones left behind in the home around the pet’s bed, in the carpet or other fabrics, will bite humans to keep from starving. Often the products available at the neighborhood store to kill fleas the eggs and larva are left unharmed. We have experience and professional treatment controls to kill all life stages of the flea.

    Reduce the tick and fleas in your yard by keeping the grass cut short and removing tall weeds and brush piles. Let the sunshine into all areas of your property- they will die in the sunny dry areas. If your living next to a wooded area builds a pathway to act as a buffer between the woods and your home. Also, if deer are visiting your yard for food you are putting out, stop the smorgasbord including pulling plantings that attract deer to your yard or put up a fence to keep them out.

    When you have a chronic flea and tick problem, it’s best to contact Mitchell Pest Control of Virginia Beach, we will conduct an inspection and devise solutions to dramatically end the pestilence.


    • Low humming heard within the home walls

    • Bee or Wasp appearing inside your home on a regular basis

    • Bee or Wasp nest on roof removed fast: without danger to your family

    A free Inspection by our technicians will first determine what species of bee, wasp, hornets, sweat bees or yellowjacket is nesting in your home

    Wasps are long and thin especially at the waist with long legs that seem to sag as they fly around. They love to nest in attics and will actively search along a home’s eaves for a way in but if they can’t find an opening a nest behind a shutter, under a deck, mailboxes and gutters will work too.

    Carpenter Bees live and raise young alone. They chew out a small tunnel about 3/8-inch diameter, perfectly round hole, a little over an inch deep into a wooden surface in which to lay eggs and raise young. Just a few will rarely cause much more than minor surface damage to wooden siding but they do nest close to other carpenter bees and will in time completely destroy the wooden structure’s surface.

    European Honey Bees are not aggressive and so beneficial to our environment that the best method of removal is relocation. A vacuum is generally used to collect the bees after the smoke has sent them into a stupor. When disturbed, they will follow a victim for about 50 yards. Africanized Honey Bees will follow a victim about 440 yards. Africanized Honey Bees have not yet been reported in Richmond but have been found in southwest Virginia.


    There are 13 species of spider found in Virginia and of those only 2 are dangerous to humans:

    The brown recluse, a brown spider about ½ inch long, is not a native of Virginia but people have been bitten by them here- probably by a stowaway on some object from a different state. It is a shy spider who will normally hide in garages or less frequently used rooms of a home, such as an attic or basement. However, they are also known to climb in shoes. Their bite is not painful but will cause tissue surrounding the bite to die and some people have a severe whole-body reaction that can lead to death.

    The black widow spider is a shiny black spider about a 1 ½ long with a red or orange hourglass shape on its back. It is a native of Virginia and its bite causes muscle cramping, especially in the legs and abdomen but death is rare. Very small children and the elderly are most susceptible to its bite. However, they are not aggressive and will more than likely flee your presence than hassle you. People are bitten when they accidentally step on them or they are on something they pick up and the spider is pinched at the same time.

    The most common spiders found living in our Richmond homes are:

    Common House Spider is small about 1/8 to 1/4 inch in size with a light brown or yellow body with dark v-shaped stripes on their body and legs. House spiders come into our homes to eat pests, these pests are not dangerous, but many people are terribly afraid of spiders.

    Wolf Spiders are large. The females run a little over an inch and the males are between ¼ to ¾ of an inch. Their large size is what makes them scary to humans and the fact that they actively hunt prey so some people think they’ll bite them. Not so they hunt for prey smaller than themselves namely bugs and they only bite humans when provoked or frighten.

    The best treatment for spiders is an ongoing pest control that takes away their food supply. Mitchell Pest Control will knock down all the spider webs we find around your home- it’s an important step in our treatment plan.

    Mitchell Pest Control home inspections are free and cost estimates (quotes) for treatment are designed to be affordable and a better value than our competitors.


    Wildlife living in your home, office or warehouse can cause sickness for the inhabitants and lots of damage to the dwelling. We regularly hear of people needing to get a series of painful Rabie shots due to an interaction with some Wildlife pest in their home. Other exposures are respiratory infections, and many parasites, such as intestinal or lungworms, fleas, and ticks. Damage to the home includes soiling of attic insulation or nests inside the wall space, holes chewed through soffits or fascia and the gnawing of electrical wires can cause shorts and even fires.


    People are afraid of snakes and we instinctively move far away when they’re noticed. Most people are aware snake interactions can be deadly so when you find one and are not sure if it’s poisonous definitely call a pest control expert like Mitchell Pest Control in Richmond. Richmond, VA is home to several species of snakes and 3 are considered very venomous: The Timber Rattlesnake, the Eastern Cottonmouth and the Northern Copperhead. Don’t try and pick up a snake or shoo it away with a broom they are faster than you and will bite if cornered. Just call us we will come quickly- we don’t want anyone injured by a snake that we’re very well trained to handle.


    A mother raccoon has decided to rear her young in your attic and they have gotten your attention with their play. All that scampering noise from overhead definitely means some species of wildlife is messing up the attic space which also means pooping, peeing, ripping up the insulation and making more bolt holes out of the attic through vents or facia. The young need to be removed by hand while the mother is out or otherwise occupied then the mother can be drawn into a trap while she is trying to retrieve them. Don’t get bit by an angry raccoon mother get an expert to remove them.


    Skunks wind up under homes or decks to dig a den but sometimes they will enlarge it or make other bolt holes to the den. This is quite the smelly problem as they can produce the most horrific of odors should they spray after being startled or threatened. Plus, they add to this fetid smell with soiling the surrounding area with urine and feces. This is not a job for the DIY homeowner- a trained technician is better able to remove the skunk without it spraying. Plus, all the dens access points must be discovered, repaired and strengthen against further intrusions.


    Squirrels, have babies 2 a year spring and fall and will enter a home’s attic to find a sheltered nesting spot. They commonly chew holes on the roof through construction gaps just above the gutters, dormers, vents, trim or facia. They cause damage to attic insulation, chew on electrical wires or cables and they will often chew out more bolt holes. It is much better to trap them in the attic or at exit points and remove them far from the area otherwise they’ll just come back. Using poison is unwise because it doesn’t work immediately giving the squirrel time to hide as it’s dying. The smell of decaying squirrels is bad and won’t go away till the bodies are removed.


    Opossums mainly live outdoors but sometimes find their way into a home searching for food and a sheltered location for a nest. They love cat food so if you put food out for cats make sure it’s far from your home or your neighbor’s home. A constant supply or cat food is a boon to an Opossum and they will want to live in a sheltered spot next to it. The damage shingle, siding, vents and foundations with teeth and claws to dig out a nest. They defecate a lot and their feces is not only tar-like but stinky. Their waste as it dries will become airborne sometimes carrying pathogens of coccidiosis and tuberculosis (rabies is not a disease they carry). They are obnoxious animals with a foul scent so it’s best to get rid of them quickly.

    bats roosting in attic mitchell pest controlSAFE BAT REMOVAL AND EFFECTIVE CONTROLS TO KEEP THEM AWAY

    Bats can make their way into your attic through a hole of at least ½ an inch. However, they can’t chew holes through construction materials. Male bats strictly roost outside so if there’s a group of bats in your attic its mothers rearing their young in the safest location they could find. The damage they do to a home is soiling of the attic, at large, with mounds of guano- they poop 20 to 30 times a day. The guano as it dries produces fungus spores of Histoplasma and when disturbed will become airborne. Many people have ended up in a hospital after cleaning up areas where bats have roosted. The bats also carry mites and ticks which will feed on humans when the bats are gone so they have to be taken care of too. If you  need to remove a Bat or other need other wildlife removal, we will be happy to help.

    bat under eve richmond vaBat Removal:  Bat pups are born in late April to early June and the young are flightless till August. Don’t remove the mother bats unless you can get the babies at the same time. The young without their mothers’ care may crawl down the wall cavities, find a way into your rooms. They could also die in the wall cavities or attic. Once all the bats are gone and none can get back in, protective controlled cleanup can begin.

    Remember Mitchell Pest Inspections are free and include written cost estimates for treatment and controls for any kind of pest. We have a specific treatment protocol for each species of pest- one treatment alone cannot control or kill all pests.

    We are a Virginia pest control service. To see the other areas of Virginia where we operate check our service areas page.


    Richmond is the capital of the Commonwealth of Virginia located of the James River close to the middle section of the Commonwealth. It is located on James River at the intersection of Interstate 95 and interstate 64 lying between the Blue Ridge Mountains to the west and Ocean (Tidewater region). Several neighborhoods of Richmond are Shockoe Bottom, Church Hill, Monroe Ward, Fulton, Union Hill and Fairmont.

    The climate of Richmond is humid subtropical with hot and humid summers and moderately cold winters. The mountains to the west slow down the arctic air and warm it as it descends on its way to Richmond. The Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean adds the moisture which makes the summers humid but these large bodies of open water also moderate the winter cold.

    History of St. John’s Church: Just before the Revolution in 1775, the often-cited famous speech “Give me Liberty or Give me Death” was delivered by Patrick Henry in 1775. This was delivered in St. John’s Church in Richmond during the Second Virginia Convention which had to meet in Richmond to avoid interference from lieutenant Governor Dunmore and his Royal Marines. Today it is a major attraction to hear the reenactment of the speech every Sunday in the summer, at the church, and other days throughout the year. While visiting the church, you can also view the cemetery that is the first public cemetery in Richmond with some of its oldest residents buried there (the church believes 1300 souls reside there. St. John’s is an active Episcopal church so visitors should be aware that at times a tour may not be possible due to a church service or other programming so it would be best to call ahead.

    Famous places to visit in downtown Richmond would be Maymont, Belle Isle, Hollywood Cemetery and several world-class museums.

    Maymont is a 100-acre historic museum of a Victorian estate with formal gardens, arboretum, carriage house, nature center, and a Children’s Farm. They carry out guided tours of the large restored Victorian home and have several community celebrations throughout the year- including programs at Christmas with live music.

    Belle Isle is a large island in the James River within Richmond city. During the Civil War, it was one of the worst prisoners of war camps in the South where many Union soldiers died. The remains of Confederate gun placements can still be seen. Belle Isle is a very popular city park crisscrossed with nature and hiking trails that many people who work downtown run through on their lunch break. The isle is surrounded by large boulders from which to view Hollywood rapids. During high waters, the current is much swifter closer to the isle so waders must beware. There is a pedestrian bridge that is suspended on steel cables under a transportation bridge by a paving company that leads to the isle from the mainland is very scenic route. From the bridge, you can see up and down the James River for a very long distance and perhaps watch people kayaking down the rapids.

    Hollywood Cemetery is an operational cemetery located in downtown Richmond established in 1847. The architect John Notman rather than design the Cemetery in the usual grid-like layout saw more beauty in a natural flow of valleys, hills overseen by huge stately trees that were left untouched during the Cemetery’s development. Trees that reach high and spread their branches wide shading the departed and the living who visit them. The cemetery is a Arboretum that contains the best examples of native trees, like tulip popular, bald cypress, white oaks and Black gum. During April to November hosted tours are offered that reflect an educational focus on the natural beauty of Hollywood Cemetery including the history of its many famous burials.