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Pest Control Service VA Beach

Pest Control Service VA Beach

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    Mitchell Pest is a VA Beach pest control company offer a full range of pest control services in VA Beach. With years of experience under our belt, we use both the industry’s latest techniques for pest control and our experience to create exceptional services you can trust. We serve the entire VA Beach region as premium pest control experts.

    Residential Pest Control in VA Beach

    • Cost-effective pest elimination in Virginia beach

    • Fully insured pest company

    • Comprehensive home pest inspections in Virginia beach

    • Residential pest inspections for property sales

    • Pest services in the VA Beach and surrounding Tidewater area

    Pests can ruin your home. Ants, cockroaches, and termites have the potential to wreak havoc on your home. Don’t fall victim to them. Instead, reach out to Mitchell Pest for residential pest control. Since pests can multiply quickly, getting ahead of them as soon as you notice any signs of their presence is crucial to avoid a big pest bill. Our team is laser-focused on reducing your risk of an infestation through our pest control, pest inspections, treatments, and bed bug elimination services.

    VA Beach Commercial Pest Control

    • Covering all commercial pest control services

    • Commercial pest inspections for small or large businesses

    • Continuing pest maintenance available

    Pests are terrible for your business reputation. If the word spreads that your business has bed bugs, cockroaches, or termites, you could find yourself behind a closing sign. Additionally, pests can affect the day-to-day operations or lead to fines if you’re not careful. Fortunately, at Mitchell Pest, we fight back against pests with commercial pest control in VA Beach. We protect your business from pests, guaranteed. For many years, our crew has protected commercial clients from devastating pest infestations. We work tirelessly to create an effective system that offers true defense against any pests.

    Termite Inspections and Extermination in Virginia Beach

    • Quality Termite Control

    • Safe and effective termite treatments

    • Termite inspections for real estate loans

    • Complete termite inspection process

    Termites are one of the worst insects to have in your home. They will literally eat anything. Our goal at Mitchell Pest is to get into the minds of these tiny insects and predict what they’ll do next. That’s why many consider us the best option for termite inspections and treatments in VA Beach. For years we have offered up the best quality pest and termite control solutions and our mission remains to be to eliminate termites and pests from your home or business quickly.

    Thermal Bed Bug Extermination

    • Eco-friendly thermal bed bug extermination

    • Exterminate bed bugs for good

    • Free and thorough bed bug inspections

    • Affordable bed bug treatments

    At Mitchell Pest, we know how bed bugs and termites can destroy your property. They are nothing to overlook. Our job is to offer comprehensive solutions with fast results that you can rely on. As such, we offer extensive solutions to remedy your pest problems, including bed bug pests. We are considered one of the top thermal bed bug companies in VA Beach offering exceptional solutions without damaging the property we’re treating.


    • Effective and fast cockroach kill

    • The best and most stringent inspection methods

    • Preventative treatment plans

    • If you see 1 Cockroach in your home can mean hundreds more hiding behind walls, under sinks, bathrooms and basements. You need a cockroach exterminator!

    Cockroach signs and symptoms: Cockroaches are nocturnal so you will seldom see one during daylight hours unless your cockroach population is so large it’s starving so they are forced into to the light to find food. It’s more likely you will find dropping left behind on surfaces, such as under the kitchen sink, in the sink, in the bathroom closet and basement that look like coffee grounds or black pepper. Sometimes, people will see a cockroach scurry away when they turned a light on in the bathroom overnight.

    No worries, we eliminate cockroaches fast. Take advantage of our free inspection, we’ll advise how to exterminate cockroaches in your house or businesses quickly and then explain controls to keep them from coming back. Our cockroach inspections are very exact with the goal to determine what species it is and where they are hiding. We will then propose a treatment plan to kill them and devise a preventative to keep them from coming back. Treatments we use are absolutely effective to get rid of the cockroaches and safe for family and companion pets. Mitchell Pest Inspections are free and include written cost estimates for treatment and controls.

    Costs of controls and treatments suggested will depend upon the type of cockroach, location and the extent of the colony.


    • Carpenter Ant, big black ants, flying ants and other house ant TROUBLES we offer expert inspections to find and stop them.

    • The best professional Ant exterminator in Virginia beach; We use treatments and bait stations

    • All our products are EPA friendly

    There are many species of ants that live in Virginia but only a few are trouble for businesses or homes. The worse one in terms of property destruction is the Carpenter Ant:

    Carpenter Ants are rather large about an inch, black in color and possess large mandibles or jaws that they use to chew up wood. They chew out tunnels in dead and moisture laden wood to build a community home. They will deposit the chewed-up wood into little piles (looks like sawdust) outside of the nesting tunnels beneath baseboards, door jams and window sills- a sure sign of their presence. Not only do they destroy the wood framing in a home they also harvest food from your cupboard contaminating it in the process.

    Other species of ants in Virginia Beach that are a nuisance:

    Odorous Ants are one of the most common ants to be found in homes contaminating food products. They are small, brown or black in color and smell like rotten coconut when crushed.

    Pharaoh Ants are found most everywhere on the planet and is a pest in homes and hospitals. They are small and light yellow in color with red and black marking on the abdomen. They will nest inside wall voids, undisturbed dark spaces and insulation in home appliances.  They feed in drains, refuse, foods and even patient wounds in hospitals where they spread organisms like streptococcus between patients.

    Pavement Ants are mostly found outside under cracks of pavement, stones and next to foundations. They are small, brown to black in color and can on occasion be found inside home under floors, in walls and in insulation. They will forage for food in your home entering through cracks in slab foundations or other openings and take it back to the nest. They eat other insects (alive or dead), honeydew from aphids (a sugar rich liquid waste produce by the aphids as they feed) and many human foods but they prefer greasy foods.

    Sprays available from home store to control these pests tend to alarm and scatter worker ants into a fury of activity to create more nesting sites. Instead, call Mitchell Pest Control and we’ll eliminate them quickly with safe and professional products geared towards a particular pest. The controls we use are effective and applied safely (no harm to family and pets).


    • Mosquito Treatment for a single event

    • Mosquito Control throughout the season

    • We offer free inspections and provide written estimates for service.

    The Mosquito is considered the deadliest creature in the world. They transmit malaria, dengue and Yellow Fever which kills hundreds of thousands each year. Virginia Beach residents can contract West Nile Virus and other forms of Encephalitis. Plus, our companion dogs can be infected with heart worm disease.

    Mitchell Pest Control uses the best and most natural mosquito repellent available to professional pest companies. Our technicians are efficient and affordable mosquito killers: better than any yard spray a homeowner can buy. We use only EPA registered products, applied strictly within their guidelines for the safety of our clients, their families and companion pets.

    Our Services are designed to meet the unique needs of each client- each home site is different. Mosquitoes can breed in as little as an 1/2 inch of water, such as stagnant water in bird baths, old tires, forgotten or discarded yard tools and heavy ground-cover like ivy will provide a moisture rich protected breeding site. Mitchell Pest Control will identify mosquito breeding sites and propose the best prevention solutions available to a professional pest control company.


    • Affordable rat and mice control methods

    • The best rat and mice treatments to kill them fast

    • Professionally applied Rat and mice poison products are safer

    • Rat and Mice exterminator in VA Beach

    We perform careful rodent inspections that will determine how they are getting in your dwelling then we will propose a treatment plan to kill them. Treatments we use are absolutely effective to get rid of rats and mice and safe for family and companion pets. Mitchell Pest Inspections are free and include written cost estimates for treatment and controls.

    Rats and mice are not only disturbing when they infest your home but they cause property damage and transmit diseases. Their teeth are always growing so they must gnaw constantly on hard products to keep them short. Rats can chew through cinder-block, bricks, mortar, aluminum, wood, glass, vinyl and weaken concrete. They can’t chew through galvanized steel flashing hardware cloth and steel reinforced caulks.

    Control will focus on how the rats and mice are entering your home and propose methods to stop them dead. For example, rodents will most likely scurry up to your attic through the walls from the crawl space or basement so the foundation should be examined carefully to stop this access.


    • Best Flea treatment that kills adults, larvae and eggs

    • Keep the ticks away and kill the ones that are in your yard

    • Yard treatment to get rid of fleas and ticks

    Fleas are really only seen in homes that have companion pets. When your pets have been given medicine to kill them, the ones left in the home around the pet’s bed, in the carpet or other fabrics, will bite humans to keep from starving- you are after all an adequate blood source. Although you can get product, at the home store, to kill the adults, the flea eggs and larva left behind need a different solution. We have treatment plans to kill all life stages of the flea.

    Tips to reduce Wood Ticks: Wood Ticks live in the heavy foliage of the moist shady areas of your property because they will die in the sunny dry areas so keeping the grass cut short and pulling out heavy banks of Ivy will reduce their favorable living conditions. If your living next to a wooded area (wood ticks are most likely coming from the forest) and want to cut down on the population of ticks harassing you, build a wide path of gravel to act as a buffer between the woods and your home. Also, choose plantings that don’t attract deer to your yard or put up a fence to keep them out.

    The best solution for an overwhelming and chronic tick problem is to contact Mitchell Pest Control of Virginia Beach, we will inspect your yard and devise solutions to dramatically reduce the amount of ticks.


    • Buzzing heard within the home walls

    • Bee or Wasp nest in attic:

    • Bee or Wasp exterminator in VA Beach

    A free Inspection by our technicians will first determine what species of bee is nesting in your home:

    Bumble Bees are big fuzzy black and yellow colored flying insects. They will nest in outdoor cavities such as an old mouse nest underground or in a pile of yard refuse. They are seldom a problem in a home but can be occasionally found in dryer vents or other wall cavities.

    Carpenter Bees are solitary creatures that burrow into a wooden surface leaving exactly a 3/8-inch hole. Just a few will rarely cause damage but sometimes these nests will rapidly multiply over a small area causing damage to the wood’s surface.

    Honey Bees are not aggressive and so beneficial to our environment that the preferred method of removal is relocation. A vacuum is generally used to collect the bees after smoke has sent them into a stupor.

    We get rid of spiders in your home!

    The two most common spiders found living in our homes are:

    The Common House Spider is between 1/8 to 1/4 inch in size with a light brown/yellow body and dark v-shaped stripes on their body and legs. House spiders eat pests, such as roaches, fleas, mosquitoes, fruit flies and many others. After the spiders feed, they will drop the insect husk out of the nest and if the feeding is good it can be quite the pile. These pests are not dangerous to humans though few people want them living with them.

    Wolf Spiders are large with females that can grow to a little over an inch and the males are between ¼ to ¾ of an inch. Their large size is what makes them rather intimidating to humans and the fact that they actively hunt prey. They will sometimes enter homes when its cold to find hibernate during the winter.

    Treatment for spiders is a plan for pest control that takes away their food supply. This is an ongoing treatment process that uses repellents to keep pests out of your home. Mitchell Pest Control will knock down all the spider webs we find around your home- it’s an important step in our treatment plan.

    Mitchell Pest Control home inspections are free and cost estimates (quotes) for treatment are designed to be affordable and a better value than our competitors.


    Wildlife living in your home, office or warehouse can be dangerous to a human’s health and can be quite damaging to the structure of your home or place of business. Wildlife pests can expose people to rabies, respiratory infections, and many parasites, such as intestinal or lung worms, fleas and ticks. When their feces dry, some of it becomes airborne. This includes any pathogens present in the waste and regrettably they will be inhaled by the inhabitants- who then get sick. Damage to the home includes soiling of insulation or inside the wall space, holes chewed through soffits or fascia and the gnawing of electrical wires often causes shorts and even fires.


    Snakes are an unwelcome presence in your home, business, yard, wood pile and garage. There are many species of snakes in Virginia Beach and the 3 most venomous ones are Timber Rattlesnake, Eastern Cottonmouth and the Northern Copperhead. If you see a snake, don’t try and pick it up just observe where it goes then get help from a pest removal service to catch it. Snakes prey on mice and rats so your home or office should be inspected for these pests as well. Mitchell Pest Control understands that a snake in a home is an emergency and it must be removed promptly.


    Raccoons in your attic is probably a mother that found a warm safe place to raise her young. All that scratching scampering noise from overhead definitely means some species of wildlife is messing up the attic space meaning soiling, tearing up the insulation and making more holes in and out of the attic vents or fascia. The young need to be removed by hand then the mother can be drawn into a trap while she is trying to retrieve them. Don’t get bit by an angry raccoon mother get an expert to remove them- they have been well trained for this.


    Skunks wind up under homes or decks to dig a den but sometimes they will enlarge it or make other bolt holes to the den. This is quite the smelly problem as they can produce the most horrific of odors should they spray after being startled or threatened. Plus, they add to this fetid smell with soiling the surrounding area with urine and feces. This is not a job for the DIY homeowner- a trained technician is better able to remove the skunk without it spraying. Plus, all the dens access points must be discovered, repaired and strengthen against further intrusions. Paving Contractor Trenton


    Squirrels, especially flying squirrels in Virginia, will enter a homes attic to find a warm safe nesting spot. They commonly cause damage to attic insulation, chew through electrical wires or cables and make new pathways into their home through the weaker fascia boards or vents. It is much better to live trap them than using poison because poison does not work immediately giving the squirrel time to hide as it’s dying. This can leave dead squirrels hidden in any number of tight difficult to access locations in your attic or walls. The smell of decaying squirrels is awful and won’t go away till the bodies are removed.


    Opossums generally prefer living outdoors but do find their way into our homes searching for food and a warm shelter for perhaps a nest. They are very attracted to cat food so if you put out food for cats that may have brought them to your door. From the bowl of cat food, it’s a short distance to move inside to take advantage of shelter along with a steady supply of food. The damage they cause to a home is by using teeth and claws to rip up shingles, siding, vents and insulation. They also tend to defecate a lot and their feces is not only wet and smelly but can carry pathogens of coccidiosis and tuberculosis. Rabies is not a disease they carry so don’t be alarmed if they are hissing or drooling at you- it’s normal defensive behavior. They are very noisy animals with a smelly presence so it’s best to get rid of them sooner than later.


    Bats can squeeze their way into your attic through any gap of at least ½ inch but they are unable to chew a hole through anything even foam insulation. Most likely it’s a group of females that have taken up roosting in your attic as a safe location to bear and raise their young. Male bats continue to roost outside. The damage they do to a home is soiling of the insulation with the accumulation of guano- they poop 20 to 30 times a day. The guano as it dries produces fungus spores of Histoplasma and when disturbed will become airborne when inhaled by a human will become infected with Histoplasma. The bats also carry bat mites and ticks which will feed on humans when the preferred host is gone.

    Bat Removal:  Bat pups are born in late April to early June and the young are flightless till August so you don’t want to keep the mother bats from flying back into the attic while the young need care. Without their mother, they may crawl down the walls of your home, find a way into your living space or die in the attic. Best to wait till the young can fly then a funnel made of a flexible net can be attached to the main entry point after all other access points have been sealed. Once they are free of the flexible net funnel they won’t be able to get back in. Once all the bats are gone and none can get back in, cleanup can commence.

    Remember Mitchell Pest Inspections are free and include written cost estimates for treatment and controls for any kind of pest. We have specific treatment protocol for each species of pest- one treatment alone cannot control or kill all pests.

    We are a Virginia pest control service. To see the other areas of Virginia where we operate check our service areas page.

    Virginia Beach

    Virginia Beach is a coastal city located on the Atlantic Ocean in the southeastern quadrant of the Commonwealth of Virginia. It is a resort city with miles of beautiful, long protected, beaches with hundreds of restaurants and hotels running along the ocean front. Several state parks, 3 military bases and many large corporations reside there. It’s the most populated city in Virginia even though much of it is suburban in nature.

    Historically it was home to the Chesepian coastal tribe of Indians who have faded into obscurity leaving only archaeological evidence of their passing. Evidence suggests they were part of a loose confederacy of Powhatan tribes.

    In 1607, 3 ships carrying 105 men and boys made landfall at the southern mouth of Chesapeake Bay which was promptly called Cape Henry, after Henry Federico, Prince of Wales. These were the first contingent of settlers that created the Jamestown settlement because they were under orders to move inland to protect themselves from rival European countries.

    Virginia Beach is 253 miles of many communities and sub-divisions, such as Alanton, Aroagona Village, Bay Colony, Bayside, Cape Henry, Chesapeake Beach, Croatan Beach, Great Neck Point, Oceana, Red Mill Commons, NewTown and several others. Because of the moderating effects of the Chesapeake Bay and Atlantic Ocean, Virginia Beach is considered humid and subtropical allowing plants of both climate types to thrive here, whereas a little further north and west towards the inland they will die. The summers are hot and humid and the winters cool with light snowfall. This also makes a good habitat for several species of insects which many in the hospitality industry and homeowners’ control with the help of Mitchel Pest Control.

    Tourist draws are many, such as:

    Virginia Beach Boardwalk runs for 3 miles along the oceanfront. It is 28 feet wide and contains a separate bike path, also used by rollerbladers, to keep pedestrians safer during a slow walking stroll. Entertainment is offered nightly at four oceanfront stages along with several vendors offering bike and surrey rentals. And there are many unique and popular restaurants. The Board walk is very busy during the summer and at Christmas there is a holiday lights display along the boardwalk from 2nd street on that is a big draw for the local communities.

    The first light house at Cape Henry it was the first federal construction project authorized by George Washington and then the project was supervised by Alexander Hamilton. It was constructed of brick in 1972 but developed cracks in 1881 a new light house was built 350 feet away in 1881 with the same Aquia sandstone used in much of Washington, D.C. The Lighthouses are located at the southern mouth of the Chesapeake Bay and for almost a hundred years guided sea captains to safely pilot their ship. The iconic black and white stripes of the 2nd light house helped seafarers recognize the lighthouse quickly.

    The first light house was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1966 and the second was added in 2002. The original lighthouse is open to the public that can climb to the top and enjoy an unimpeded costal view from the full circle lantern room.

    Virginia Aquarium located and Marine Science Center located south of Rudee Inlet- pretty much a stop on the way to the beach for most people coming from Richmond. The exhibits are comprised of 800,00 US gallons of fresh and saltwater, mini eco systems or habitats. The Restless Planet exhibits are: Coastal Sahara Desert, Peat Swamp, Red Sea, and Indonesia’s Flores Island. Some of the animals living in the habitats are Komodo dragons, Tomistomas, Spotted Eagle Rays, Zebra Shark, Egyptian Cobra and Cuttlefish. Another is the Chesapeake Bay Aquarium that showcases the numerous species that live in the waters around the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel. And still many more exhibits to keep a soul visitor, friends or family occupied with wonder several hours. The cost are 24.95 for the Aquarium and additional cost for a movie and the Dolphin Discoveries Boat Trip.