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Pest Control Service Arlington VA

Pest Control Service Arlington VA

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    Mitchell Pest is your go-to professional pest control service in Arlington, VA. Experienced, local, and progressive we excel at freeing your home or business of termites, bed bugs, ants, cockroaches, and any other pest. We use the industry’s latest techniques to provide long-term pest control with immediate results. We know how uncomfortable it is to share your home or business with pests, which is why we never waste time getting to work on your pest problem.

    Residential Pest Control

      • Affordable pest elimination

      • Fully licensed pest company

      • Home pest inspections for real estate closings

    • Our pest team services Arlington and the surrounding NOVA area.

    With just one pest infestation, your home can be irreversibly damaged. Cockroaches, ants, and termites can leave you with a mess to clean up that costs thousands of dollars. But it doesn’t have to end that way. At Mitchell Pest, we provide residential pest control in Arlington VA that eliminates pests right in their tracks.

    Commercial Pest Control

      • Full range of commercial pest control services

    • Pest control contracts available for ongoing service

    Can your business afford to be closed for weeks if not months because of a pest infestation? Probably not. Additionally, the risk of damage to your reputation is real if you have a pest infestation. It could also result in fines and penalties. At Mitchell Pest, we can prevent your business from falling victim to pest problems with our commercial pest control in Arlington VA.

    Termite Inspections and Extermination

      • Termite inspections for home purchases and sales

      • Termite inspections for VA Loans

    • Detailed Termite inspection process

    Termites are one of the worst pests to infiltrate your home. They have no problem destroying structures that get in their way. Our job at Mitchell Pest is to eliminate them before they damage your property. We know how these tiny insects think, which is why we are able to offer the best termite inspections and treatments in Arlington VA.

    Thermal Bed Bug Extermination

      • Thermal Bed Bug treatment

      • Get rid of bed bugs once and for all!

      • Thorough bed bug inspection

    Bed bugs are the most difficult to get rid of pests there is. If you have a bed bug infestation, termite, or roach problem we want to help. At Mitchell Pest, we are well aware of how bed bugs can not only take a big chunk out of your bank account, they can also cause unnecessary stress. We do our best to provide complete pest control services that you can rely on. In fact, we are a top rated thermal bed bug company in Arlington VA that is dedicated to giving you the best possible service available. Our focus is on delivering eco-friendly bed bug treatments that kill bed bugs fast.

    cockroach problem arlingtonCOCKROACH INSPECTIONS AND ELIMINATION

    • We Kill Cockroaches Fast

    • Painstakingly careful and accurate inspection processes in Arlington

    • Economical treatment plans

    Cockroaches are widely believed to be the species to outlive all others as demonstrated in the sad aftermath of radioactive fallout after the atomic bombs were dropped on Japan during WW2. Cockroaches were found to be the only survivors among the atomic razed ruins of the Japanese cities. This really does make one wonder if they are vulnerable to any treatments? Yes, we do have the treatments and preventatives that work. Engage Mitchell Pest Control when you suspect cockroaches are hiding in your home because just one pair of house cockroaches can breed up to a massive number of 300,000 within a years’ time.

    There are 4000 species of cockroaches in our world and 30 of them are considered pests. In Arlington, VA there are 4 subspecies of cockroaches that are considered pests the American Cockroach, Oriental Cockroach, Wood Cockroaches and the worst one the German Cockroach.

    The German Cockroach is a smaller type of cockroach on average ½ long and their color is brown to dark brown with two stripes running parallel along their backs. They are only found living indoors with humans. The most limiting factor to their outdoor survival is cold temperatures. They spread into homes via a carrier visitor, packages, clothing, used furniture, etc. In multifamily units, they easily spread through the walls. They are considered the most prolific of the cockroach species- being one of the earliest to reach sexual maturity and then are in a constant state of breeding for the remainder of their lives. This hyper breeding ability makes them the most common type of cockroach found in American homes.

    Costs of controls and treatments suggested will depend upon the sub of cockroach, location and the size of the colony.


    • Huge black ants, airborne ants or teaming lines of little brown ants making your home unpleasant? We offer skillful inspections to find the colonies and destroy them.

    • Our Ant killer technicians use results-oriented treatments developed over years to kill ants in your kitchen, garage or home.

    • We never use expired Pesticides, cheap unreliable products or untested methods

    There are several species of ants in Virginia, however only a few are pests in the home or business. The one most dreaded is the Carpenter Ant:

    Carpenter Ants are very noticeable being large, about an inch, deep black in color and equipped with a large powerful bite that they use to tunnel out moisture damaged wood to build a commune of chambers and corridors. Often people will notice little deposits of the chewed-up wood (looks like sawdust) pushed outside the community beneath wood moldings- a sign which deserves further inspection by an expert pest technician. A large community of carpenter ants will weaken the wood framing in a home and will also contaminate your foodstuffs as they forage for food.

    Many Ant kill sprays from neighborhood stores can instead set off a panic within the nest and scatter the worker ants to build more communities. Call Mitchell Pest Control we use a kill formula to eliminate them quickly without alarming them first.

    All our products are EPA reviewed and professionally designed to kill a particular pest. The controls we use are effective and applied safely: never would we bring harm to a family and their pets.


    • Mosquito treatment for a single important event

    • Mosquito free zone throughout the season

    • Thorough inspections gladly offered including free written estimates for service.

    The Mosquito, one of nature’s smallest yet most deadly creatures. They have killed more people by a simple bite then all other causes of death combined. In Richmond, VA, mosquitoes transmit West Nile Virus and other forms of Encephalitis. Companion dogs and cats can be infected with heartworm disease. Heartworm is a parasitic worm that multiplies itself within the animal’s lungs, heart and arteries. Unfortunately, for most pets, this is a death sentence. And for the pets whose families have the funds to provide the expensive Veterinary treatment, there is hope for a good life after. If you need a mosquito exterminator then don’t hesitate to contact Mitchell Pest!

    Mosquitoes will breed in as small as a 1/2 inch of water. Still, foul water forgotten in bird baths, old tires, discarded buckets and heavy undergrowth like ivy or a dense ground cover. Mitchell Pest Control will find all mosquito breeding sites and will promote effective controls.

    rat damage to storage arlingtonRATS AND MICE INSPECTION AND DESTRUCTION

    • Affordable rat and mice kill and control methods

    • Our fast removal methods are safe for your family

    • Great Inspections: We find how they got in.

    Our exact rodent inspections will examine your entire property to understand what is causing them to move in and their entry points. We will stop new arrivals and kill the current ones. Rats can push through a hole the size of a quarter and mice can squeeze through a hole as small as a nickel. We carefully hunt out very small openings into the home and close them. Treatments we use absolutely get rid of rats and mice and are safe for use around family and pets. Mitchell Pest Inspections are complimentary, confidential and include firm written quotes for treatment and controls. If you want get rid of your rat and mice problem fast give us a call!

    Rats and mice running in the home not only damage bring up to 35 diseases and several parasites with them. The diseases spread firsthand to humans when they touch live or dead rodents or with contact of their feces, urine, and saliva from their bites. Several diseases are also spread indirectly through fleas, ticks or mites that may desert the host and find you.


    • Quality Flea treatment that kills ALL life stages: adults, larvae, and eggs

    • We repulse future ticks and provide a fast kill of current ones

    • Professional products of pesticides applied per regulations in regard to the safety of your family and pets.

    Fleas are carried into your home by yourself, object and mainly by companion pets that have picked them up at a park vets office or in your own backyard. They will quickly overtake a home mostly infesting places where your pet rests, bedding, couch, and carpet. As their population grows, fleas will bite humans to keep from starving and the bites can cause an allergic reaction in some. Often the products sold at the community store to kill fleas leave the eggs and larva unharmed causing the trouble to begin anew. We have experience and professional treatment controls to kill all life stages of the flea.

    When you have a chronic flea and tick problem and want to quickly kill fleas, call Mitchell Pest Control of Arlington, VA, we will quickly provide a professional consultation and propose solutions to dramatically end the pestilence.


    • Contact us when you hear humming or buzzing in your home but can’t identify the location

    • Bee or Wasp are in your home on a regular basis

    • Huge Bee or Wasp nest on a roof, attic or under eves removed fast: no danger to your family

    A consult with our technicians will first determine what species of bee, wasp, hornets, sweat bees or yellowjacket is nesting in your home.

    Colorful Long and thin Wasps love to nest in attics, and will actively conduct a back and forth search along a home’s eaves for a way in but if they can’t find an opening a nest behind a shutter, under a deck, mailboxes and gutters will work.

    Carpenter Bees chew out round small depressions, about 3/8-inch deep, into a wooden surface to lay eggs and raise their young alone. Just a few will not cause much damage to a home’s siding but because they nest close to other carpenter bees they will in time completely destroy the wood siding surface.

    European Honey Bees are not aggressive and can be gently shooed away without suffering a sting. Plus, they are so beneficial to our environment that the desired removal method is relocation. A vacuum is used to collect the bees after sending them into a stupor. Africanized Honey Bees have not yet been reported in Arlington but have been found in southwest Virginia.


    There are 13 species of spiders considered native to Virginia and of that group 2 are dangerous to humans. However, modern society is such a mobile society that spiders move easily with us cross-country or across the world hiding in our suitcases or even on us. 31 different spiders have been recorded as found in Virginia by trained spider watchers. So, though it’s a low probability that you will run into other dangerous spiders, it’s not impossible.

    The black widow spider builds nests close to the ground against rock walls, wood piles, barns and protected dark spots around buildings. It is a shiny black spider a 1.5 long with a red or orange hourglass shape on its back. Though not aggressive, it will bite defensively. its bite will at first feel like a small sting quickly followed by swelling, intensely painful muscle cramps and may last days. Fortunately, there is an antivenom so get medical attention fast Very small children and the elderly are most harmed by its bite.

    The brown recluse, a brown spider about ½ inch long, is not a native of Virginia but people have been bitten by them here- probably by a stowaway on some object from a different state. It is a shy spider who will normally hide in garages or less frequently used rooms of a home, such as an attic or basement. However, they are also known to climb in shoes. Their bite is not painful but will cause tissue surrounding the bite to die and some people have a severe whole-body reaction that can lead to death.

    Mitchell Pest Control home inspections and cost estimates (quotes) for treatment are designed to be affordable and a better value than our competitors.

    bees in home arlingtonWILDLIFE REMOVAL

    Wildlife living in your home, office or warehouse can make the inhabitants sick with several diseases these animals carry with them. Regularly people need to get a series of painful Rabies shots due to a bite by some Wildlife pest encounter. Other exposures are respiratory infections, and many parasites, such as intestinal or lung worms, fleas, and ticks. Damage to the home includes soiling of attic insulation or nests inside the wall space, holes chewed through soffits or fascia and the gnawing of electrical wires can cause shorts and even fires.


    snake capture arlington

    Arlington, VA has 32 species of snakes’ native to this commonwealth and three are considered venomous: The Timber Rattlesnake, the Eastern Cottonmouth and the Northern Copperhead. Most adults are aware snake interactions can be deadly or possibly receiving a painful bite. When you find one in your living space and are not sure if it’s poisonous, call us we will come quickly- we don’t want anyone injured by a snake that we can remove quickly without endangering anyone. Don’t try and pick up a snake or attempt to move it away with a broom- they are faster than you and will bite if cornered.


    raccoon in attic arlington

    On occasion, mother raccoon will chew her way into your attic and rear her young. All that scampering noise from overhead definitely means some pest is messing up the attic space. This means defecating, urinating, tearing up the insulation and chewing more bolt holes out of the attic through vents or facia. It’s best to remove the young while the mother is out or otherwise occupied then the mother can be encouraged into a trap while she is trying to retrieve them. Let a savvy pest control expert remove an angry raccoon mother: less chance of a bite.


    skunk digging near home arlington

    Skunks making a feast out of plentiful grubs in your yard will dig lots of 3 to 4-inch-deep holes in grassy areas surrounding your home and at the same time bring that unmistakable horrific odor. Most likely they will dig a den under your home or nearby to stay close to a great food source. The odor that surrounds them is long-lasting and hard to treat. If they get in your garage, objects tainted by the smell may have to be taken to the dump. Plus, their malodourous soiling of the surrounding area with urine and feces will require hard work to set right. This is not a job for the inexperienced homeowner- a trained wildlife expert is better able to remove the skunk without it spraying. Precautions should be made to prevent an infestation or to find a paving contractor near me.


    rats damage to wires arlington

    Squirrels, have babies twice a year, in the spring and fall, and are always looking for a sheltered location to raise the young. A home’s attic is a great nesting spot because it’s sheltered from the rain and cold. They commonly chew holes into an attic through poor construction gaps just above the gutters, dormers, vents, trim or facia. They cause damage to attic soiling insulation, chewing on electrical wires or cables and they will often chew more holes out of the attic. Experts will trap squirrels in the attic or at exit points and then remove them far from the area, preferably in a deep forest far away from other homes, otherwise, they’ll just come back. Poisoning is unwise because it’s not immediate and gives the squirrel time to hide as it’s dying. The smell of rotting squirrels is awful and won’t go away till the dead bodies are removed.


    opossum in attic arlington

    Opossums prefer to live outdoors but will make their way into a home searching for food and a good location for a nest. Cat food will attract these animals far and wide so don’t feed cats outside or if your feeding wild cats trap them for a rescue center. They damage shingle, siding, vents, and foundations with teeth and claws to dig out a nest. They defecate often and it’s large and smelly. They run from 12 to 15 pounds- rather like the size of a cat. They have opposable thumbs which makes them great climbers so may make their way into your attic eventually because like other living creatures they like a warm dry spot to bed down in. The foul scent produced by their soiling makes their presence unbearable and hazardous to your health. Their waste may carry pathogens of coccidiosis and tuberculosis (rabies is not a disease they carry). Their waste may carry pathogens of coccidiosis and tuberculosis but don’t worry about rabies it’s not a disease they carry.


    bats in attic arlington

    Bats can make their way into your attic through a hole of at least ½ an inch but they can’t make the holes themselves as they are unable to chew through construction materials. The damage they do to a home is soiling the attic with mounds of guano- they poop nearly 30 times a day. The guano as it dries produces fungus spores that when disturbed will become airborne. The bats also carry mites and ticks which will feed on humans when the normal host is gone so they bring a host of problems into a home.

    Bat Removal: females raising young are most often the reason they are in your attic so don’t remove the mothers without their young as they may crawl down the wall cavities, find a way into your rooms and worse yet die in the wall cavities or attic. Once all the bats are gone and none can get back in, protective controlled cleanup can begin.

    Remember Mitchell Pest Inspections include written cost estimates for treatment and controls for any kind of pest. We have a specific treatment protocol for each species of pest- one treatment alone cannot control or kill all pests.

    We are a Virginia pest control service. To see the other areas of Virginia where we operate check our service areas page.


    Arlington Virginia is in Northern Virginia on the southwestern side of the Potomac River looking across the river at Washington D.C.

    With a land area of 26 square miles, it is the smallest county in Virginia and in the entire USA. The closeness to Washington, D.C. makes Arlington a very important suburb that draws many who work in government, military or are connected to its many universities. It harbors two very important landmarks:

    pentagon in arlington vaThe Pentagon built in 1943 it is the headquarters of the US Department of Defense and is the world’s largest office building. The Pentagon has the services of 23,000 military and civilian employees and 3,000 non-defense support employees. It has five floors with each floor containing 5 ring corridors. It is a very efficient design taking only 7 minutes to walk between any two points in the building even though it has 17.5 miles of corridors.

    The closeness to Washington, D.C. makes Arlington a very important suburb that draws many who work in government, military or who are connected to the many universities with satellite campuses in the area. Washington Metro serves the area with its Orange, Blue, Yellow and Silver lines that make commuting into D.C. fast and easy. For people that like to bike or run, it has several miles of trails that travel along the Potomac River like the Mount Vernon Trail that runs for 17 miles and the Washington and Old Dominion railroad bed that travels 45 miles from the Shirlington neighborhood out to western Loudoun Country. Domestic air travel is covered by Ronald Regan Washington National Airport with international travel covered by nearby Washington Dulles International Airport, located in Fairfax Virginia. And, with the many types of shopping, restaurants, and theaters located within Arlington, there is no need to travel far away.

    platoon honors veterans arlingtonArlington has several “urban village” communities design to encourage mixed-use a pedestrian development near transit facilities such as the Metrorail stations. The design blends a variety of residential housing, commercial, cultural or entertainment and educational or institutional development with easy transportation by foot, bike or public transit. Neighborhoods like:

    Lyon Park is located along the scenic Potomac River near Arlington Cemetery. Good place for Military to call home when they don’t want to live in D. C. There many entertainment and shopping choices theaters, restaurants, grocery (Trader Joe’s), bank and the Clarendon Metro station.

    Westover, Aurora Highlands, Glencarlyn, Penrose, Arlington Forest, Ashton Heights, Buckingham, Waverly Hills, and others are designated as local historic preservation districts. The neighborhood has several architectural styles queen Anne, Craftsman, Colonial Revival, and Tudor Revival.

    crystal city arlingtonCrystal City is just south of the Pentagon and within walking distance of Ronald Regan Washington National Airport. High-rise apartment buildings, hotels, large office buildings, lots of shopping and many restaurants. There is a large network of underground shopping areas and connection tunnels beneath the city. Of special convivence to residents is the ability to move entirely underground from home to the office, go shopping, eat at a restaurant and then go back home. This is great convenience during bad weather.

    Arlington National Cemetery with 300,000 graves is the second-largest national cemetery in the United States. The first burial was Private William Henery Christman of Pennsylvania on May 13, 1864, during the civil war and others from prior wars were reinterred there. The grounds were part of the Arlington House estate of the Confederate general Robert E. Lee.

    tomb of the unknown soldier arlingtonArlington monument “The Tomb of the Unknowns” is dedicated to paying homage to the ultimate sacrifice of unidentified American soldiers who died in battle. This is signified by the buried remains of one unidentified soldier at the monument. President John F. Kennedy along with his wife Jacqueline are buried at the cemetery and the grave site is marked with an eternal flame. There are many other memorials such the Space Shuttle Challenger and the 184 victims of the September 11 attacks on the Pentagon that was dedicated the same day.