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Save with Our Bed Bug Exterminators in Arlington
Are bed bugs causing you to lose sleep and leaving you with itchy bites? Trust Mitchell Pest Services for the best bed bug exterminator in Arlington. Save $100 on your first service and finally get rid of those bugs for good.
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Same Day Service

When you spot pests, they need to be dealt with immediately. We are proud to offer same day service if you call before noon!

Locally Owned

​We are a locally owned and operated company so we understand the pests in your area.

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Free Retreatments

If your problem comes back, so do we. Our re-treatments help get rid of any lingering pests at no additional cost.

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I had a great experience with this company! Very helpful and experts in this field!

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Bed Bug Treatment in Arlington

Last but possibly most irritating, bed bugs can even turn your bed into a stressful headache. While that sounds horrible, you’re in good hands with Mitchell Pest Services. Our bed bug control in Arlington treats your entire home, not just an affected room, to mitigate any possible spread. Additionally, if bed bugs reappear after our first service, we offer re-treatments at no additional cost to you.

Our bed bug treatment in Arlington includes:

  • A rigorous home inspection to identify all affected rooms.
  • A custom-built bed bug treatment plan designed to meet your needs.
  • Flexible scheduling options including same-day service.
  • FREE re-treatments as needed and guaranteed satisfaction.
  • And more!

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Same-Day Service From Your Local Experts

Bed bug infestations always feel urgent, no matter how small. When you spot them in your home, you want them gone immediately. That's why we offer same-day service when you call before noon. We understand that waiting is not an option when it comes to bed bugs. With Mitchell Pest Services, you won't have to deal with long waits or unhelpful answering services.

Signs That You Have Bed Bugs

Bed bugs can be difficult to detect due to their small size and sneaky behavior. However, once you know what to look for, signs of their activity can be easily spotted. Delaying action can lead to a rapid increase in the severity of an infestation, as bed bugs reproduce quickly. If you notice any of the following signs of bed bugs, it is important to call for assistance immediately:

  • Small, itchy, red bites on your skin.
  • An unpleasant odor in affected rooms resembling wet linen.
  • Rust-colored stains on bedding or furniture.
  • Discarded bed bug skins or hatched eggs in your bedroom or drawers.
  • Visible live bed bugs in your home.

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